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Coronavirus crisis: A list of my all-time favourite songs to make you feel better during the lockdown
Inspiration Music

Coronavirus crisis: Music to make you feel good while self-isolating

The coronavirus crisis is taking over all aspects of our life. That’s why I decided to select some of my all-time favourite songs and share them with you, hoping that it will make you feel better during the coronavirus crisis. So I hope you want some music that will make you feel good because that’s …

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Travel Tips

14 Songs To Put On Your Travel Playlist, For Any Travel Situation (because music makes all the difference)

Travelling alone is not easy, nor is travelling alone on a budget. You might know. Music helps. So I wanna share my travel playlist. Because music makes all the difference. It’s all up to me because I am responsible for my own comfort. Therefore I treat myself with good music. Over time I managed to build a …