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Morocco desert

Travelling stories: Getting food poisoning in Morocco

Besides all the fantastic pictures of my travels, and the great experiences, there are also some not so memorable moments, that I usually keep from my close friends and family. Like that time I got food poisoning in Morocco. Yes, this is the kind of travelling story that will never leave me. Morocco is famous for its markets, exotic landscapes and great culture. But...

My First Time Abroad: I was 17 and clueless

My First Time Abroad: I was 17 and clueless

Some memories stay with you a lifetime. I remember all my trips, but my first one comes to mind without thinking about it too much. My first time abroad was when I was 17 and clueless about travelling. It only got better from there. Nowadays, toddlers travel to more than 3 continents. That’s a clear sign of a shift in culture. But, in my defense, travelling has...