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Europe itinerary 3 weeks paris the ultimate guide to solo europe travel in 2021

The Ultimate Guide to Europe Solo Travel in 2023

Europe solo travel might not be on everybody’s list, but it will soon be as more travellers start to choose solo travel over group travel. We won’t discuss any reasons here, but instead, I’ll give you my best tips for Europe solo travel, as I am a European traveller myself and have been since 2014.  Make sure to read till the end to get my...

How to book your travels with the minimal risk possible in 2020

Travel Precautions: How To Travel With Minimal Risk In 2023

We all can agree that 2020 has been a crazy ride, and the crisis doesn’t seem to end anytime soon. I’m no expert in politics or climate change, so I will just talk about the topic I know best – travelling! And how you can travel in 2023 while taking the least amount of risk. Since the coronavirus outbreak, many travel plans have been shattered...