The online clutter and vanity

The online clutter and vanity

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The online clutter kills me inside. I crave that almost-lost-now human interaction. I feel cluttered online as much as I am offline. And it sucks.

In my living room. On my couch. Eating chocolate Christmas decoration, although Christmas is over for 3 weeks now, I find myself reading Seth’s latest blog. It’s about all the junk we have clutter in our lives and most importantly on online platforms such as Amazon.

We want more of everything, and we want it cheaper than ever. I am bother by these values which are carried on these days, but today I got quite mad.

Starting with the useful things they sell by the cash register in shops and all the way to the jerk each office has, what is wrong with us? Why we accept and subject ourself to this misery? All for money? What about confidence, and peace of mind and quiet moments?

All I hear around me I see people running after money, better paid job and every talk turns to be a talk about money. I have to put it out there: I am bored! You are all boring and I don’t want to be part of this!

I feel flooded with non-sense content, ads which kill my time (and sanity) low quality content meant to keep my brain from seeing anything else. I feel tired and sick. Not literally sick, but I believe it could lead to that too.

This rush for online attention, likes, comments and popularity has some terrifying side effects. I don’t have that many friends. Actually, my few friends don’t even use social media that much anymore. But I see others, using it extensly, even when they meet other people in real life.

Ah, that’s something that makes me go crazy! I have it when I talk to someone, and the other person has something more imported to do, on their phone. I get it once, twice, if it’s an urgent call, or even a normal call, if you apologies! But to keep doing it over and over again, without even noticing how weird it is and how the others are waiting for you to stop, it something I can’t understand.

I truly believe people are not capable of performing more than 1 task at a time! That is, you either participate in a conversation, or type on your phone. Not both!

The bottom line is that I want to see, feel and find a way to inspire more real human interaction, not just story reactions on Instagram! Because those two are not the same, and it breaks my heart to see how we are willingly giving up to our human connection just to be part of this trend!

Also, is this making us even more lazy? Ah, why!?

I am part of the problem too! I do it too. I have a blog, and a Facebook page and an Instagram account, and Twitter and all of that! But I want to share meaningful stuff, short stories, facts and info to help you and bring some value to the my reader. At least, that’s what I think I’m doing. But this crazy marketing had bought into all our lives and nothing I see around is real anymore. Is like I need glasses to see around and the shop is closed.

I want to stay connected, but the spam is killing me! Will you be my friend?

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