A weekend in Olomouc? Here's a list of things to do in Olomouc
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A weekend in Olomouc? Here’s a list of things to do in Olomouc

You’re probably here because this is the first time you have heard of Olomouc, which is a town in the Czech Republic. Don’t worry, I had no idea about this place until I visited this spring. So here are a few things to do in Olomouc!

First of all, Olomouc is a famous place in Central Europe since it used to be the capital of Moravia, a famous historical region of the Czech Republic. Olomouc also sits on the Moravia river.

Are you passing by for a weekend in Olomouc? Check out the things to do in Olomouc


I know we are not talking about Belgium, but this is pretty close when talking about beer, and I strongly advise to put beer tasting on your list of things to do in Olomouc.

Most people know that when we are talking about the Czech Republic, we are talking about beer. All kinds of beer. If you are not aware of this, well, let me tell you a short story.

My first time in the Czech Republic – beer-related story

I remember my first time going to the Czech Republic. I was travelling by train from Salzburg to Prague. As the train was approaching the border, it was getting crowded. There were Italians, Austrians, Germans and probably others nationalities too. At some point, a group of girls got on. They were celebrating a future bride. Later on, I realized that the funny costumes they had one were because the bachelorette party had already started.

They were offering drinks to other young boys on the train. Some were sitting on the floor in the bike wagon. By the time the train arrived in Prague, half of the passengers were drunk and extremely happy. And loud.

So this was my first impression of Prague and the Czech Republic. By the way, Prague has to be on your list of European cities to visit.

Beer is indeed cheaper than water in restaurants. I was shocked to discover that it is indeed cheaper to order a beer than a bottle of water next to my meal. And many restaurants have a beer instead of other ordinary beverages in their lunch menu.

So, yeah, they have a lot of beer in the Czech Republic. But if you are into the classical Czech beer they sell outside the country, you will be disappointed. Usually, each village, guesthouse, or any kind of small area has its own brewery. It’s very common to find local beer in the bars. That will be something you’ve never heard of before, but it’s better than you’d expect.

The conclusion is, while you are in the Czech Republic, go with the local beer. In Olomouc you will find small breweries everywhere, so the saying the beer of the house is literary the beer of the house in Olomouc.

Olomouc city centre

Olomouc will charm you with its Central Europe specific city centre. Cobblestone streets, colourful cramped houses, local and international restaurants. There is even a vintage tram.

The central square has a few legends to explain the marine statues, but the centrepiece is the city hall, which is in the middle of the central square, like in most central European cities. The city hall had a tower with an astronomical clock, similar to the one in Prague.

Next to the central square is another big square, with lots of restaurants around and in the middle, you will find another statue, Maria column.

Unfortunately, it was under restoration when I was there, but make sure to plan some time to discover the central area.

An afternoon in nature near Olomouc

The landscape around Olomouc is breathtaking and offers so much. Less than 6 km away from Olomouc city centre is the Poděbrady lake, which is a beautiful place to spend a summer afternoon. You can bike there, or even walk, and enjoy an afternoon sunbathing, swimming and relaxing

If you have a car, bike or are willing to hitchhike, you can go to Náklo lake, which is 15 km away from the centre of Olomouc. Locals say they love it there in the summer, and they often bike over there for water sports and relaxing time.

The Unesco places and historical places in Olomouc

You might not know it yet, but there are some Unesco landmarks on the list of the things to do in Olomouc.

Holy Trinity Column is the central piece f the central market and it dates from the 18th century. It’s a specific type of column for Central European markets.

The column is dominated by gilded copper sculptures of the Holy Trinity on the top and the Assumption of the Virgin beneath it. The overall sculptural decoration has a natural and harmonious appearance and is due to its uniqueness certainly worth attention.

St Wenceslas Cathedral has the tallest church tower in Moravia (and the second-highest in the country). The medieval layout will attract anyone entering the city, as you will see its tower. The Neo-Gothic church will impress you and don’t be afraid to walk inside, where you will discover the cathedral’s organ, one of the finest Romantic period instruments in the Czech Republic.

St. Michael’s Church with the three domes is one of the most distinctive landmarks of the city.

Minor Basilica of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary is a few kilometres outside the city, but well worth a stop and a look inside.

The coolest hostel in the region

As I always mention, travelling isn’t about just the destination in itself, but how that particular destination helps for your self-discovery. Call it what you will, I call it self-discovery. And this is the main reason for which travel and I share it all with others.

I was beyond surprised to discover one of the coolest hostels in Olomouc. Long Story Short hostel has to be on your list of things to do in Olomouc, even if you are staying somewhere else. But I recommend staying here, if only for one night.

Beyond the minimalist look of the place, the history of the building blew me away. I will let you know right now: That beautiful building used to be a school. The owner worked over a year to make it functional and everything you will see there is custom made. This place is literally, one of a kind.

Everything fits perfectly together, and the owner and the people working there were the friendliest people I ever met in a hostel.

Not to mention the vegan tofu omelette they make for breakfast. They probably have one of the best hostel breakfasts ever.

And downstairs, they have one pretty nice coworking space. Everything is brand new, and the youthful air of the place is so energizing. Meeting room, normal room, quiet room, coffee room, they have all the room you need. I would move there for a few months.

All is quiet and this helps a lot in getting your job done. For me, it’s my blog. And whenever you get bored, Prague is just a few hours away by train. Or Brno is another great alternative, just 1 hour away by bus.

Moravian cheese

I am a vegan and I have not tried this one, but locals are very proud of their sticky Olomouc cheese. They have it everywhere, there are even some shops where they sell it. So cheese lovers from everywhere, remember to put cheese tasting on your list of things to do in Olomouc when you visit Moravia.

I found one of these shops in Brno also, so it’s a thing. Most of the people said it was good, but locals warned us that “you either love it, or you hate it.”

Visit the local universities

Also, Olomouc is a University city and that means bars are around. Sure, check the buildings and the inner yards. Who doesn’t love the youth spirit of students?

Also, they have a cool cafe inside of it, which is open for anyone. And then go through it and visit the park on the other side.

Olomouc is the perfect little town to walk around in.

Street art in Olomouc

Surprisingly enough, Olomouc has some beautiful street art, and you will discover them only by walking around. Try to go around the central square, and keep your eyes up. I bet you will be surprised.


Olomouc blew my mind away. I had no idea what I was about to discover in this city I’ve never heard of before going there, but I loved it and I will recommend it to anyone who is close by Moravia.

Here’s my vlog from Olomouc, it’s more for fun, to get an idea of how this place feels like and the mood around it.

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