The Ţiriac Collection is a Gallery Any Automobile Enthusiast Must See

I am still discovering Bucharest like a tourist would, so last weekend I went to the only private car collection in Romania, which is opened to the public. Ţiriac Collection is so impressive, any car fan will feel like a kid in a candy shop.

Tiriac Collection Gallery


Passionate about cars? This is a place you need to visit in Bucharest

The gallery is the only private collection in Romania, which is opened to the public. The owner of the museum, Ion Ţiriac has a collection of over 150 vintage automobiles and motorcycles. These are displayed and can be visited in a 4300 square meters gallery.

Tiriac Collection Gallery

Visitors will find more than 30 well-known brands such as Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, Rolls Royce, Cadillac, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Maserati, Ford, Chevrolet, Harley Davidson and Indian Scout. Each car from the Ţiriac Collection gallery has a small plate in front of it, providing a short history of the exposed model.

Even if some of the exhibited automobiles are more than 100 years old, they all look brand new. Everything is so shiny. The oldest model dates from 1899, the Hurtu 3 ½ quadricycle. For me it looks like a waggon with an engine.

Each exhibit of this collection represents a key moment in the automobile history. The Dodge Charger R / T (1960s) was considered the most attractive car in the range of powerful engines.


And for the Rolls Royce Phantom fans…

This is the only private collection in the world with the six Rolls Royce Phantom models produced by 1972.

Visitors will find the Phantom I by Charlesworth (1927), a Rolls Royce Phantom II Sedan De Ville (1934) developed under the supervision of Henry Royce, and a Phantom III Touring Limousine by Freestone & Webb, (1937) and purchased by Sir John Leigh in 1939.

The Rolls Royce Phantom V (Park Ward), exhibited in the Ţiriac Collection, was acquired in May 1990 by Sir Elton John.  (which is pink… weird)

The Phantom VI generation, present within the Tiriac Collection, has a great history. Such a model was given to Queen Elizabeth II in 1977 to mark 25 years since its ascension to the throne.

Since 2014, the collection has been completed by a Phantom IV, the most exclusive Rolls Royce generation ever built. Currently, the Rolls Royce Phantom IV Coachwork by Hooper, originally owned by Aga Khan III, is displayed at the Rolls Royce Gallery in Munich. Only 18 such vehicles were produced between 1950 and 1956 and were originally intended for royal families and state bosses.


The story of the passionate owner

The value of the entire collection is insignificant for its owner, Ion Ţiriac. “For me, it is worth a lot, for others it is worth less. This is my purpose. That’s why I bought them, for everyone to enjoy them. I have no interest in selling them.

Ţiriac’s ultimate goal is to offer people who love cars the opportunity to admire them. “If I like it, I want to offer it to others, to enjoy what they see. It is a shame that at least the children, the youth, the people who enjoy it, not to see them. ” And that’s how I felt like, even though he wasn’t there when I dropped by.

Tiriac Collection Gallery

Unlike many other museums, the exhibits hosted by Ţiriac Collection are always ready to run on their own wheels. That is, whenever their owner wishes to do so. The cars are maintained by a dedicated team of mechanics. And many of the models in the businessman’s collection are subject to complex restoration processes.

“And then every day, if I have time, I take three pieces, in turn, drive them to Snagov and bring them back. It is a joy, but one (a favourite car) does not exist. I like them all, that’s why I bought them and that’s why I caress them from time to time.” – Ion Ţiriac, the owner of Ţiriac Collection

Tiriac Collection Gallery


Where is Ţiriac Collection and when to drop by

The Ţiriac Collection Gallery is located on Calea Bucurestilor nr. 289, Otopeni. The opening hours are from Wednesday to Friday, between 14: 00-19: 00 and on Saturdays and Sundays from 10: 00-19: 00.

The price of an entrance ticket is 15 lei. Children up to 6 years of age have free access, and students, students and retirees benefit from a 50% discount.

The Ţiriac Collection Gallery The Ţiriac Collection Gallery The Ţiriac Collection Gallery The Ţiriac Collection Gallery The Ţiriac Collection Gallery The Ţiriac Collection Gallery

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