The Difference Between Travelling and Going on Holiday

Travel is a big topic and without a doubt is a need we all have. We all love travelling. Some say we travel because we are trying to escape from something, while others say we travel to find something.

Trying to get lost or looking for something that we have lost, either way, we must find out the “why” and then to learn what truly means to travel or to just be on a holiday.

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What happens on holidays

One interesting fact we barely notice on our day to day life is that we manage to keep ourselves busy most of the time. During our work week, we fill our hours with work, hobbies, gym, movies, and all kinds of activities.

We barely have time to notice how ‘fast’ the times fly. And then we have the weekends and then we always find something else to do. Or perhaps some catch up with their sleep and use it to rest.

But on holiday, there is no fixed schedule, or if it is, you chose it. Getting to this new, exotic place, makes us wonder, while all the guide books and the online info drowns us, or maybe it’s just me. I believe that rushing and quickly trying to see it all it’s a huge waste of energy. And life.

The point is whatever you choose, you’ll be missing out on other stuff. Just like the job, in a relationship and basically anywhere. This is what makes it so hard to decide in general. About anything. But take the leap of faith and decide something.

Having a rough plan for the day, which basically includes what to eat and which streets to wander on, gives free time for your the brain to think. To be you, to think of all the things you do every day, to criticize and worry.

Which leaves no time nor energy to the thing we should pay the most attention… to notice the surroundings.


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We always talk about the practical side of travelling, but we skip the essence of travelling

Now, it’s a big talk about what should I decide to do with my time while travelling. And WHY.

Nobody asks why, but everybody asks me where have I been and what’s my favourite place. The question I believe we should be asking is “Why have you been there?

What got me there? I mean, what I am looking for, that made me decide for that place and not the other.

That’s why I will never ask what’s your favourite place you’ve travelled to, but I will always want to hear about one true special experience.

I can read about those ‘exotic’ place in about any online travel magazine, but none will give me insights on a unique experience. How was your travel experience compared to your expectation, what was your attitude, and which was your perspective. That’s what I want to know.

I am a strong believer of travelling as a tool of self-knowledge, the only true way to becoming richer. Hearing your story I just might get a little bit richer, wiser or simply more knowledgeable. These are my values and make me happy.

Although we all have different values, a perceived progress is and always will be considered as a success. Which in the end lays the cornerstone to my happiness.

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See how it’s not about a place, or the place or my last holiday? Although I find it irritating to call it a holiday because I don’t believe there is such thing. I define holiday as a period of time in which my brain stops to process only thoughts and its only function would be to keep my body alive. I hope it never happens.

Travelling, on the other hand, implies development, many challenges and a change in perspective. In the end, it is a learning process, which works on so many levels. That’s why I recommend travelling alone at least once.

As you can notice, there is no time to get bored or think about the not-so-perfect carpet from my living room when I decide to go travelling instead of going on a holiday. Perhaps I will meet better conditions for being my true self while travelling than on my living room sofa. Of course, again it’s a matter of perspective.


Conclusion. Travelling or going on holiday?

Packing the right set of mind will help you define what you are after for. Decide what if the purpose of it all, and ‘wear’ the right attitude.

For me, it will always be travelling, because I just hate the other word. I want to answer my own “whys” and then ask new ones. I see travelling as a set of experiences, which could never be possible without the mindset, attitude and people. That’s all I need.

My tip is this: Try it till you get it right.

Iulia Vasile

Iulia is a travel expert, blogger, engineer, freelance copywriter, and a curiosity-driven personality. She sees travel as the ultimate tool for self-improvement and personal growth, and that's the main topic of her blog,

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