Travelling requires planning and most often at least a hotel booking. Therefore, I want to share with you what I use for my travels, and hopefully, these tools can make your travels more comfortable.

As always, don’t be afraid to reach out if you have any questions. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are some of my favourite virtual places to spend time when I am not travelling.


Booking is my go-to travel resource to check prices, accommodations’ reviews, map for accommodations. Basically, I use it a lot. When I have to travel for longer, I install the app on my phone and it’s easier to find accommodation.

Airbnb is an alternative, which can be cheaper if you are travelling in a group and/or planning for a longer stay. You can find entire apartments to rent, with a kitchen and it could be cheaper to travel if you can cook your own food.

The downsize of Airbnb is that you don’t get the exact location of the accommodation until you book it. Also, some owners have to give their approval for your stay, so that can be tricky too.

Use this link to sign up, and you will receive €34 off of your first trip of €65 or more.

Flights and Transport is one of my favourite flight search engines. I can check all kind of flight connections and prices. After checking a flight here (and always in incognito mode in your browser), go to that airline’s website and check the price there too. For some tickets, it might be cheaper to buy it directly from Kiwi.

Some countries are best explored and discovered if you drive and go where tour agencies wouldn’t take you! I did this on my 7-day trip in Jordan and I recommend you do the same in countries with many attractions or not so great public transport. I recommend Sixt car renting company. I had no problems and everything was just great!

And if you are looking to backpack around Europe, then your best bet is Omio, which provides all you need to know about buses (the cheapest mean of transport in Europe) and trains.

Travel guides

HiHiGuide helps you get the local experience by helping you meeting with a local to be your guide! Just search for the city you are going to visit and choose your city guide! Or you can even become a guide yourself!

Cryptocurrency investments

I’ve talked about travelling a lot and sometimes there is something stopping you from buying another aeroplane ticket. It’s your bank account credentials. I am also a cryptocurrency girl and money definitely counts as a travel resource.

I want to introduce to you Coinbase, probably the easiest way to get into crypto. It’s a simple to use, straight forward platform, where you can exchange your USD, EUR or other currency that you may have into crypto.

Get €8 of free Bitcoin if you use this link to sign up and buy or sell at least €87 worth of digital currency.

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