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Visit Bansko In Summer: What to do in Bansko during summer?

Why should you visit Bansko in summer? Because Bulgaria is lovely and Bansko in summer has so much to offer.

The place most Europeans go skiing is so much more than some mountains to slide on. When people think of Bansko, they say, “Oh, that ski resort in Bulgaria… I heard about it.” But there is so much more to this magical place. Here’s my honest opinion on why you should visit Bansko in the summer.

Yes, that was me in 2018. Looking back, I declare myself an ignorant traveller. Bansko, the hidden summer jewel from the Pirin Mountains, has lakes and rivers to explore, breathtaking landscapes for mountain enthusiasts, thermal baths, culture and traditions to discover.

juliasomething Bloggers on Top Why visit Bansko in Summer
Bloggers on Top Why visit Bansko in Summer
Bloggers on Top Why visit Bansko in Summer

Visit Bansko in summer to enjoy the nature, the history and the welcoming serenity of the town

For the past few years, the Bansko community has been growing and expanding its touristic shape to attract seasons all year long, and for a good reason. Locals are not just friendly owners of comfortable accommodation for sports enthusiasts, but they are talented craftsmen, winemakers, sculptures and painters, and great cooks and full of tales hosts.

Wondering on those paved streets, people like George the carpenter, who is also a master of rakia, a traditional Bulgarian drink, will welcome you into their home, tell you stories from long ago and show you their crafts. We visited George, who is the owner of a hotel, carves wood, paints and makes all kind of home needed crafts. And had the best rakia for you to taste.

travel to Bulgaria
travel to Bulgaria Bloggers on Top Why visit Bansko in Summer

History plays a big role in the community, and there are quite a few houses to visit and learn about while you are dropping by. There is no other time to do so than on a sunny afternoon.

House in the old town Bansko
House in the old town Bansko
Holy Trinity Church Bansko why visit Bansko in Summer
Holy Trinity Church in Bansko
Velyanova House in the old town Bansko why visit Bansko in Summer
Velyanova House in the old town of Bansko
Radonova House Bansko why visit Bansko in Summer
Traditional costumes display inside Radonova House, Bansko.

The central part of the town was recently restored, making it easier to admire the paved streets, the old houses and mountain landscape. It’s like a real size postcard walk. But don’t get carried too far away, because you need to stop and taste the local red wine.

Bulgarian Wine why visit Bansko in Summer
Tasting Bulgarian wine at Wine Bar 25
Bulgarian Wine why visit Bansko in Summer
Bulgarian Wine why visit Bansko in Summer

Summer in Bansko, Bulgaria: No visit is complete without a proper traditional meal

And after a good wine tasting, a delicious dinner will most likely happen, as the traditional Bulgarian restaurants start to switch on the lights. Unfortunately, as in most East European countries, to the centre of the Bulgarian cuisine, you will find animal products, but there is a good side.

Bloggers on Top Why visit Bansko in Summer
Bulgarians cooking to-go meals in the open-air market, next to the city centre
Bloggers on Top Why visit Bansko in Summer
A shot from the open-air market. I guess it was a Sunday thing

The good part is that Bulgaria is an Orthodox country. Long story short, Orthodox countries have some traditional vegan dishes because the religion asks for this. They have some fasting periods when they are not allowed to eat animal products, especially before the most important religious celebrations, Christmas and Easter.

Bulgarian Food why visit Bansko in Summer
Dinner at Banski Han. Bulgarian food. They always serve fresh bread and all sorts of vegetable dishes. But beware, most dishes contain meat.
travel to bulgaria Bloggers on Top Why visit Bansko in Summer
Lunch at Momini Dvori, right in the old centre of Bansko

It’s called “post” I found it’s the same in all Orthodox country. While not many people know what vegan means, they all know the word “post” and will understand that you don’t want any animal products. But you can expect all sorts of vegetable dishes and bread with different spreads. Not many vegan desserts, except fruits.

What not to miss in Bansko if you’re a vegan

And for all vegans visiting Bansko, there is great news.  There is a small, special place called Coconut. It is a smoothie shop run by Dimi and Lacho, and it so Instagrammable; the special potions made right in front of you are worthy of at least an Instagram story. Plus, it’s delicious.

Coconut - smoothies with Dimi and Lacho Why visit Bansko in summer
Coconut – some spirulina smoothies were being served

Before getting there I’ve heard only of Kempinski Resort, which is a 5* hotel, open all year long. Spa included for guests—quite an impressive location, for such a small town.

Kempinski Hotel Bansko Why visit bansko in summer
Kempinski Hotel Bansko outdoor pool. There is an indoor one too. Plus, there is also a jacuzzi. No photos allowed.

What makes Bansko an all-year attraction is more than its apparent beauty

Why is Bansko becoming more famous each day? It isn’t all about the people, the landscapes and the culture. Because the community can host travellers all year long. Digital nomads and wanderers have a co-working space and most importantly it’s an accessible and inspirational place to retreat to. I sometimes feel like I want to run away before society brainwashes me again.

And for some reason, being there made me feel safe. I sometimes feel like I’m drowning in the humming city. I  need to know there are places like this one, where I can escape before I completely lose my mind.

If the last phrases seemed like mad woman talk, please ignore it.

 Leather Shop - BGFS why visit Bansko in summer
A local craft shop. Leather Shop – BGFS. But I liked the postcards.

As a disclaimer, I have to confess how I’ve learnt so much about Bansko in Bulgaria.

I was there in October 2017 to attend an unconference blogging event hosted by Coworking Bansko. While I was around only for a few days, all the above-mentioned things and events happened during this time. That is what I call living passionately. Also, I hope to get back and experience more of Bansko.

I hope you get a bit of its taste through my amateurish photos. If not, there is only one thing left to do: You have to go and explore Bansko in the summer by yourself.

If you have more time to spend in Bulgaria, I recommend checking out these places:

  • Cape Kaliakra
  • Gabrovo – the most humorous town in Bulgaria
  • Sevlievo – the geographical centre of Bulgaria and the ancient ruins of Hotalich fortress
  • Dryanovo – lovely mountain town in Bulgaria, perfect for relaxation
  • Tryavna – relaxation and museums
Grab a friend and visit Bansko in summer to discover authentic Bulgarian people and culture
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