Cape Kaliakra is a long narrow headland in the North Eastern part of Bulgaria. It is close to the border with Romania and that’s why many of its visitors are Romanians. And Kaliakra is close to Varna, which is a popular destination for tourists (especially from the nearby resorts). Here is what you will see if you decide to visit Kaliakra.

Before visiting, I’ve heard of Kaliakra as being a beautiful place, but that was all. I can tell you know, it is more than beautiful. Kaliakra Cape is full of history and intriguing. What makes it so special is that, in fact, this place use to be a fortress. The fortress of Kaliakra served to many different civilisations:  Thracians, Romans, Byzantines and Bulgarians.

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visit kaliakra

What is Cape Kaliakra?

The fortress is now an open-air museum, in which you can see the ruins of the settlements. You can see the ground rocks of Roman buildings and baths, the walls and gate. At the very end of Kaliakra, a small chapel stands.

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There are many legends regarding this place, and seeing its greatness, I can understand why. Cape Kaliakra was declared a protected area in 1941.

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As you walk around and visit Kaliakra these impressive ruins and admire the coastline and the breathtaking Black Sea, you will see signs telling you about rare species of Birds which pass by during the migration seasons. 250 different species they say. But I was there on the 1st of September and saw no birds.

Take care of your stuff and what you wear, because this place is windy. I had a nice sunhat on, but I had to always hold it with my hand to prevent it from flying away. The same with my dress. Ah… the things I do for a nice picture.

visit kaliakra

Somewhere on this patch of land, you will find a restaurant, a girl selling ice cream and a small cave, displaying some artefacts, just like a small museum. The entrance is free. In the middle of the cave, a layout of the fortress will help you get an idea of how it looked like.

visit kaliakra

visit kaliakra visit kaliakra

For an unknown reason to me, a military base was there, too.

visit kaliakra

visit kaliakra

The souvenirs stands are all over the place.

And the most photographed spot in this fortress is at the very end.

visit kaliakra

visit kaliakra

There was a small boat around the cliffs, probably with some tourists. I want to do that too.

visit kaliakra

How to get to Cape Kaliakra?

There is an entrance fee of 3 Bulgarian Leva. You can drive there and park after you pay the entrance fee. In front of the fortress is a parking lot, which is too small during the day and you will see cars parked on the sides of the road leading to the parking lot.

I saw a few busses with tourists, but I assume there were coming from the nearby resorts. I am sure there are day trips from Varna to Kaliakra. I recommend driving there.

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Visit Cape Kaliakra in Bulgaria. Discover this ancient fortress and the breathtaking place

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