Visiting a big city vs visiting a village

There is no perfect “recipe” for travelling. It’s about finding out what I enjoy more, what I need more in my life, what is it that makes me happier. I would judge you if you would say there is no point in travelling, but I won’t judge you kind of travelling. So travelling to a big city or a village?
I asked some travellers to answer this question. But first I will answer it myself.

My answer to “Do you like visiting a big city or a village?”

I do love nature and I am fascinated by a simple lifestyle. But I lived for a little bit that kind of life and now I am attracted more to cities. It’s hard to choose because there are different things, but most times I choose the city.

A big city has a lot of information about a culture gathers in a small area. The diversity can help me get a perspective faster and decide which ones are more interesting for me. And I can pursuit it from there. It’s my starting point for exploring.

Do you like visiting a big city or a village?

  •  Matei, 26 (living in Bucharest, Romania)
I prefer villages because big cities are too crowded for me. I just want to enjoy my time there, in quiet, admiring the surroundings.  
  • Piotr, 34 (Poland, living in California)
I enjoy more a walk in nature than in the city. Therefore I’m feeling better when hiking mountains or just hanging out in some peaceful village at a seaside and trying local cuisine and beverages.
However, cities also have a lot to offer as it comes to culture, art, architecture or history. When I’m staying in a city, I usually make a plan of what to see and where to go. I don’t strictly stick to it, I just… well… I do enjoy planning.
Regardless whether I’m going into a forest or a city, I try to learn something about the local culture, history and nature sights before the trip.
It just puts me in a good mood thinking about all the amazing things I’m going to experience. Yet, if someone recommends me a place to see or an activity to, the plan can always be changed 🙂
As it comes to business travel, I usually go to cities and any preparation is strictly business and logistic. Therefore when the evening comes I just rely on my local business partners to take care of me. They often take me to a good restaurant with local cuisine or show me some historic sights in their cities. It’s always a nice surprise and I always return the favour when they visit me in my city. 
  • Pilar –  (living in Madrid)
Both. But big cities have a lot more to do and see. I guess villages have more to do outdoor and feel nature. 
  • Jan (Dutch, living in Austria)
Sometimes I just want to be in a big City. Being swallowed by this big ocean of People, Entertainment, Food, Museums and other attractions.
In other periods, I like to enjoy the serenity and calmness of small villages and the countryside. Being with the locals in a Pub discussing everything including the weather 🙂
  • Lettice – blogger and volunteer (British, living in China)
I like visiting all kinds of places.
Sometimes I’m in a city mood when I want the convenience of a metro, the wonderment of a world class museum, and the buzz of a trendy new hotspot.
Other times I want to be in a village admiring traditional ways of life, looking at picturesque views, and staying at a family-run accommodation. 
  • Bogdan (Romanian blogger, living in Bucharest)
Both. I love nature so that’s why I love villages. But then I feel the need of a vibrant city with everything it has to offer and I need to see one. I like this mix. 

The Takeaway?

This is one more proof to back up the concept of travelling as a method to discover yourself. Different people have different needs and this can be observed in their travel choices.
Growth is achieved by exploring, trying out, failing, and getting back up. A journey starts from within us, and after discovering my needs I can choose a better destination.
I guess the more appropriate question would be “What do you need more to experience: a big city or a village?”
What do you need more of, in your life?


Do you like visiting a big city or a village

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