There is no perfect “recipe” for travelling. It’s about finding out what I enjoy more, what I need more in my life, what is it that makes me happier. I would judge you if you would say there is no point in travelling, but I won’t judge you kind of travelling. So travelling to a big city or a village?
I asked some travellers to answer this question. But first I will answer it myself.

My answer to “Do you like visiting a big city or a village?”

I do love nature and I am fascinated by a simple lifestyle. But I lived for a little bit that kind of life and now I am attracted more to cities. It’s hard to choose because there are different things, but most times I choose the city.

A big city has a lot of information about a culture gathers in a small area. The diversity can help me get a perspective faster and decide which ones are more interesting for me. And I can pursuit it from there. It’s my starting point for exploring.

Do you like visiting a big city or a village?

  •  Matei, 26 (living in Bucharest, Romania)
I prefer villages because big cities are too crowded for me. I just want to enjoy my time there, in quiet, admiring the surroundings.  
  • Piotr, 34 (Poland, living in California)
I enjoy more a walk in nature than in the city. Therefore I’m feeling better when hiking mountains or just hanging out in some peaceful village at a seaside and trying local cuisine and beverages.
However, cities also have a lot to offer as it comes to culture, art, architecture or history. When I’m staying in a city, I usually make a plan of what to see and where to go. I don’t strictly stick to it, I just… well… I do enjoy planning.
Regardless whether I’m going into a forest or a city, I try to learn something about the local culture, history and nature sights before the trip.
It just puts me in a good mood thinking about all the amazing things I’m going to experience. Yet, if someone recommends me a place to see or an activity to, the plan can always be changed 🙂
As it comes to business travel, I usually go to cities and any preparation is strictly business and logistic. Therefore when the evening comes I just rely on my local business partners to take care of me. They often take me to a good restaurant with local cuisine or show me some historic sights in their cities. It’s always a nice surprise and I always return the favour when they visit me in my city. 
  • Pilar –  (living in Madrid)
Both. But big cities have a lot more to do and see. I guess villages have more to do outdoor and feel nature. 
  • Jan (Dutch, living in Austria)
Sometimes I just want to be in a big City. Being swallowed by this big ocean of People, Entertainment, Food, Museums and other attractions.
In other periods, I like to enjoy the serenity and calmness of small villages and the countryside. Being with the locals in a Pub discussing everything including the weather 🙂
  • Lettice – blogger and volunteer (British, living in China)
I like visiting all kinds of places.
Sometimes I’m in a city mood when I want the convenience of a metro, the wonderment of a world class museum, and the buzz of a trendy new hotspot.
Other times I want to be in a village admiring traditional ways of life, looking at picturesque views, and staying at a family-run accommodation. 
  • Bogdan (Romanian blogger, living in Bucharest)
Both. I love nature so that’s why I love villages. But then I feel the need of a vibrant city with everything it has to offer and I need to see one. I like this mix. 

The Takeaway?

This is one more proof to back up the concept of travelling as a method to discover yourself. Different people have different needs and this can be observed in their travel choices.
Growth is achieved by exploring, trying out, failing, and getting back up. A journey starts from within us, and after discovering my needs I can choose a better destination.
I guess the more appropriate question would be “What do you need more to experience: a big city or a village?”
What do you need more of, in your life?


Do you like visiting a big city or a village

Iulia Vasile

Iulia is a traveller and her obsession started in her teenage years. Her aim is to discover as much as possible from this world and to inspire others to do the same! The ultimate tool for self-improvement and personal growth is travelling and this is what she discovered after years of depression. Now she shares her stories here. Describing experiences for others who might need them.

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