Visiting the Governor’s Office in Kayseri

As a volunteer, I’ve got the chance to meet some important people from Kayseri. Volunteering is fun, creative and full of rewards, but if we want to keep it that way, we need some support from the local authorities. This EVS project that brought me here, is a premiere for Kayseri, and we need to create awareness about our project, “EUROPEAN YOUTH VOICE”, and share some general information about our current activities and future plans.

visit de deputy guvernor 1

Last week we meet Mr. Mehmet Emin Avcı, the Deputy Governor from Kayseri. He was really kind to accept our meeting and expressed his interest and support for our project – “European Youth Voice”.

He was curious about the things we’ve seen here, and what we’re our expectation when we first arrived in Kayseri. This is the most asked question, when it comes to official visits and discussions about the volunteering service. So I’m not going to write again about my first impression, because you can read all about it HERE!

visit the deputy guvernor 2

The Deputy Governor, Mr. Mehmet Emin Avcı was interested in all of our future plans, that include the development of the local community, by spreading its greatness within the national and international area. He also emphasized the importance of the promotion of our cultural wealth, and gave some advices about the places our volunteers need to visit.

visit the deputy guvernor 3

We are very grateful for his time, and looking forward to see our ideas and plans persuade by the local community.