Caught your interest? Or you’re looking for a wedding photographer? Well, if this is what happiness looks and feels like, then I know for sure I need to run away. Seriously, what’s wrong with us?

“Settle down” they said. Oh, God! Makes me sick. Ok, maybe I am a bit disappointed because I still have huge expectations. It’s ok, I know you will not comment this. You are too “cool” to do that. I just believe you don’t have a strong enough opinion. Or worse, you don’t care. Anyway, I’m better without.

10 hours later, one 18-word Facebook stats and 10 likes, 24 comments and 1 share. And I don’t even want to count the private messages. All I asked was for a wedding photographer recommendation.

Apparently, everyone just assumed I am getting married. I am wondering if they were to assume I was dead I was looking for a priest. Or is that also wedding related?!

It’s amazing how hard-wired some things are, how the normality of the social mentality is that getting married = happiness, and it all starts with the wedding photographer.

wedding photographer


I am looking for a wedding photographer, but it’s not my wedding

Nobody even bothered, but common sense was just telling everyone I am getting married. I got what I was looking for, plus the unwanted attention and a bit of mockery. I guess, I am the one not getting it.

Doesn’t mean I am not extremely grateful for all the contacts and suggestions. I feel like I’m ready to make the step now. So I must say, there are a lot of wedding photographers and it’s so hard to choose, I’m not even going to bother.

My concern is somehow on another layer. Because this was me asking for help, and everyone just rushed to help. Awesome community, right? We all believe in being happy, we all strive for that, so when someone is getting married, the world is a big happy place.

Now, what if my particular reason for happiness is different? Don’t I deserve to be celebrated, supported or congratulated?

wedding photographer a friend in need


What if you could be my wedding photographer?

I’m not crazy, yet. So bare with me.

A photographer is this artistic person with a fancy camera, who has this incredible talent in taking incredible photos of your wedding, which will serve as your eternal memories of that happy day. Till you die. Or get divorced. Different story.

But I found my great love, the thing which makes me love life and nobody seems to celebrate it. And I think it’s a bit upside down because if I am doing this thing which makes me awesome and great, it’s a great deal and worth celebrating it.

It’s up to me to find it and it will stick with me for the rest of my life, one way or another. While the marriage thing is hard work and involves two people. At least.

Bottom line is that I feel a general numbness of what makes people… real, of what people are meant to be. And it’s easier to just live up to the current social norm, which is to get born, then married and then die. Ok, I get you, we do it because it’s comfortable…


Where do we take these values from?

You know what happens when I will share this post? Nothing. Probably it’s too long to read it, to like it and worse, to think about it. You’re right, it’s so easy letting others decide, it’s comfortable.

I wonder what it will happen if we would, for one day only, be our true selves, and act like that. Supporting those who believe what we believe, without worrying about what others might say. Without that fear of rejection.

Let’s consider that. Let the wedding be the moment in which we set our values and the belief we will not grow apart from them again, and the ones around, the photographer to get inspired for it.

travel self discovery wedding photographer


There are more wedding photographers then the ones carrying

Nothing new here just wanted to state the obvious. The people I assumed to care, are never the ones to actually care. I’m not sure who is the crazy one in this story, me or them?!

We cannot live in the wilds, people are not meant to find their happiness like that.

So we either learn to live together and be happy about it, or miserable, it’s all up to us. We might just try to create that bound. It’s not too late.

I don’t need a wedding photographer. I believe we can achieve those small glimpses of happiness by reconnecting with each other. By sharing and giving. By being here, for each other.

Love Fades? The Happy Moments And Love For Travelling


I believe in being happy, and it has nothing to do with any kind of photographer

Still trying to recover from my frustrations and disappointment, it’s hilarious how I just might end up convincing myself I need to adopt some of these absurd ideas of happiness. And then maybe, just maybe I can pretend I am part of the community.

I believe I found my inspiration and have my vision. Sometimes I feel desperate because I crave for that social acceptance, but I am just not ready to give in. I still have faith in us. And I will not adopt some crazy trends/ideas one weirdo came up with so that I can further pretend.

Take this a manifest, or a personal limit. Because learning to say NO was the best thing I’ve learnt so far.

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