What does a perfect trip look like?

Is there something we can call a perfect trip? What does it look like? Where should I go? Having a limited budget for travelling and often, limited time, we all want to make the most out of it.

It helped me a lot to hear other’s experiences, and it always helps me decide for my future trips. My perfect trip?

I loved each and every one of my travels. I own the person I am today to all my past experiences. I am so grateful I took the opportunities and travelled. But the best one I would say was in September 2016, when I managed to travel for 1 month as a backpacker around Europe, by myself! And the outcome: Self-discovery!

It involved some planning, and also it was one of the long trips I took alone, hence the amazing and empowering experiences.

What was your best trip? Can you describe it?

 Matei (living in Bucharest, Romania)

My best trip was the longest one – 6 weeks in St. Petersburg, Russia. I had enough time to explore multiple things, such as elements of the Russian culture (language, habits, history, places, food, traditions, law, etc.) and elements of my personal leadership development (facing the cultural shock, learning to cook, managing a 1.000 euro budget, etc.).

The reason for the trip was volunteering for AIESEC Bucharest – teaching Russian students the current global trends. I had the chance to work together with other 17 young professionals from all around the world and I had a lot of fun experiencing the cultural diversity in our group.

I consider myself a crazy person, so you can imagine that all the challenges I have been facing were nothing else than exciting stories to tell my friends about.

The most dangerous moment was when someone used his gun right next to me. I enjoyed every moment of my trip to this special and challenging place on Earth.

Piotr (Polish, living in California)

I can’t decide, which one of my trips was the best. Each one was different and great in its own way. Let me describe some places and situations, that impressed me the most during my travels.

The first travel I (hardly) remember was with my parents to West Berlin. I was 5 or 6 years old at the time, but it was a very surprising experience. We entered West Berlin in the evening. The streets of socialistic countries were usually dark and grey in the evenings and there were hardly any people walking at evening hours.

After we crossed the border I felt I found myself in a different universe. The streets of West Berlin were bright from city lights and advertisements’ neons and full of people. I still remember the turning Mercedes sign on one of the buildings. It was like entering Las Vegas at night from the dark desert (which I also did years later).

The great thing, that makes each travel unique is the nature. There are places, which are one of the kind and there is nothing like it in the whole world. One of the unique sights I saw is Cappadocia in Turkey, with fields of fairy chimneys going on up to the horizon.

The other one is Grand Canyon, which looks amazing at the sunset. The mud volcanoes in Romania (Vulcani Noroiosi) is also one of the unique sights and I have never seen anything similar.

Travelling is also about meeting new people. Once I went to the Balkans together with my friend, Bart. We met with his friend, Anna, in Belgrade, Serbia. After visiting Belgrade we decided to go to Sarajevo in Bosnia. She asked if she could go there with us because her boyfriend was there. The three of us went together to Sarajevo, where we met a few more friends.

After Sarajevo, we wanted to go to the Adriatic seaside. Anna and her boyfriend recommended us Herceg Novi in Montenegro, where they had some friends. The whole trip was a lot of fun and I met some great people. We were laughing, that this trip was like making a network on Linkedin.

cappadocia Turkey
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Pilar –  (living in Madrid)

The second time I went to Berlin, I would say.
I traveled alone, but somehow, I managed to meet a bunch of people, and we hung out a lot because we made a great connection.

I visited all the things I wanted to see. Since it was my second time I didn’t do the top touristic spots, I actually did the opposite thing haha. I experienced what it felt to be part of the city and let it embrace me.

I felt happy every day. I remember just walking and smiling at people, and yes, some of them would smile back. I’m not much of a planner, really, so I didn’t have a schedule or a precise plan. That also let me play with my time and get surprises. I would take any chance to do something unexpected.

Like the day I went to an amazing underground bar just because I met 2 guys on the street and they invited me.

Jan (Dutch, living in Austria)

One of the best trips was New Zealand for me. The reason; I met a lot of people because I stopped using Hotels.
Staying in campsites, hostels, and B&Bs allowed me to get to know more people than I had in the past. You simply have more interaction.
It’s for me the proof that traveling is about sharing experiences and not just visiting places.

Lettice – blogger and volunteer (British, living in China)

My best trip was in 2014, when I traveled around South America alone.

Over 10 months I visited 7 countries, met some amazing people, and crossed lots of activities and places off my bucket list.

I’d return to South America in a heartbeat. The climate, the people, the food, the languages, and the environment are phenomenal.

Bogdan – blogger (living in Bucharest)

I would point out my last one, which is currently ongoing as I am writing now. I am somewhere between Puerto Iguazu and San Ignacio, Missiones, Argentina. I’m going to visit a Unesco heritage.

Why is this the best, even if I’m just in the middle of it?

Because I have done a lot of unique things, I’ve done all the itinerary by myself, the weather is great and I am seeing 3 countries in one trip: Uruguay, Argentina and Chile.

In Uruguay, I have made a road trip, went to the wildlands around Punta del Diablo, went horseback riding on the beach and in the forest, and seen a lot of places in Uruguay where I have experienced a lot.

In Argentina, I did a helicopter ride in Delta Tigre and the northern part of Buenos Aires went to La Bocca and made new friends experiencing the vibrant city. In Iguazu is amazing and I am already experiencing new stuff and Chile is getting ready to welcome me.

Besides this trip, the best completed one was 2 weeks in Puerto Rico. I’ve done everything there: bioluminescent bays, longest zip line, best beaches (Flamenco Beach on Culebra), road trip, rainforest tracks, exploring caves, surfing. And sunburn.

So, what about you? What’s your favorite story?

These are the most diverse stories from different people around the world who have traveled or moved abroad. I think it’s pretty clear that there is no recipe for the perfect trip.

We all have different standards and enjoy different experiences. There is no right or wrong!

What was your perfect trip, so far?

Iulia Vasile

Iulia is a travel expert, blogger, engineer, freelance copywriter, and a curiosity-driven personality. She sees travel as the ultimate tool for self-improvement and personal growth, and that's the main topic of her blog, Juliasomething.com.

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