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I help emerging businesses to create content for their websites so that they have the freedom to focus on building their business.

Hi, I’m Julia.

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I have 5+ years of experience as a professional content writer. My passion for creating the perfect article will attract your next customers for years to come. 

I enjoy researching new topics and that’s why I already have a lot of experience writing articles and blog posts and social media copy for:

  • Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Startups
  • Tech websites
  • Travel blogs and magazines
  • Football news websites
  • Beauty product businesses and more. 

Find my most important project (and the ones that I can publicly claim) on my portfolio page

I’ve written hundreds blog posts for all those niches and more. I constantly keep up to date with the latest courses and techniques to craft the perfect copy.  I invest in courses and spend time researching new trends and spent years developing this skill. I am the expert you’re looking for.

I’m a self-taught content writer…

As a long time blogger and content creator for multiple blogs, social media channels and brands’ blogs, I understand how time-consuming and daunting this task may seem to you.

As a small business owner myself, I understand the struggles to find the time to work on your project, perfecting your craft, and spend the majority of your time doing what you’re passionate about.

That’s why, I offer my service as a professional content writer and blogger to help you reach your ideal customers through your online presence. 

Consistent, high-quality, and engaging content impacts audience decision-making more than any other technique.

Why should you hire a professional content writer?

  • You want more free time.
  • You don’t feel confident about your writing.
  • You don’t understand SEO.
  •  You want a better conversion rate from your website.
  • You have no experience writing content. 

Companies that published 16+ blog posts per month got almost 3.5X more traffic than companies that published 0-4 monthly posts.
– HubSpot.​

But wait. There’s more.

Here’s are the top 10 BENEFITS of hiring a professional content writer to craft your website’s copy (and even your social media captions):

  • Increase audience retention.
  •  Good content is good business.
  •  Have an aligned brand tone of voice.
  • Build credibility and authority.
  • Have evergreen content that gets read day and night.
  • Increase traffic, online visibility, and reputation. 
  •  Increase your conversion rate.
  • Content marketing is cost effective. 
  • Attract and educate new prospect and paying clients.
  • Gain social media traction.

Let’s talk!
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