Are you a Yes or a No?

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Life requires energy and motivation. Where do you get motivation? How to get motivated? Are you a Yes or a No? When everything around seems worthless, think about the journey you’ve been through so far.

From then to now

From the untainted days of innocence till the most painful days, you had decisions to make.

From your earliest years, you decided to grow.

From the worst day of school, you decided to get over it.

From the deepest depression, you decided to still be here.

from the scariest thunderstorm, you decided to get through.

From the longest night, you decided to hang up till morning.

From the most unknown place, you decided to travel

From the deepest waters, you decided to swim.

From the strongest wind, you decided to walk against it.

From the loneliest room, you decided to make a noise.

From the coldest moment, you decided to get warm.

From the quietest lake, you decided to make waves.

From the most excruciating pain, you decided to kill it.

From the boring moments, you decided to make it exciting.

From a bad relationship, you decided to walk away.

From the dirt, you decided to make it clean.

From the saddest memory, you decided to forget about it.

From the darkest alleys, you decided to find your way out.

From the pouring rain, you decided to search for a cover.

From the cloudiest sky, you decided to see the sunshine.




Against all odds, you decided to still be here.

Are you aware of all that? And if you are, are you aware where you are heading?

Your decisions matter, they shape your life in an irreversible way.

This life is not a rehearsal, it’s the real thing and it’s happening right now.

Are you a 1 or a zero? Making no decision is a decision and it is a zero. Don’t be nullity.

Make it matter. Make your time matter. And make the most out of it.

This life is not a rehersal.


Hopefully I’ve reached some key points which can lead to further thoughts. Pointing out some ordinary situations we all have been though but failed to understand how blessed we are to have overcome it.

Where does the motivation lies? Or how to get the motivation? I believe searching around us is pointless.

The motivation lies in the same place we lost it. The motivation lies in ourselves.

Are you a  Yes or a No?



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