Algarve In February: Weather, Outdoor Sports, Crowds

Algarve in February? Is that a good idea? What’s the weather like in February? Can you go to the beach in Algarve? Is Portugal a good holiday destination during winter? 

Algarve in February? Is that a good idea? What’s the weather like in February? Can you go to the beach in Algarve? Is Portugal in February a good holiday destination? Is Portugal warm in February?

Yes, the Algarve might seem like an unlikely winter destination. But I have been there in February, and I can tell you exactly what it feels like. 

And if after all this info you’re still confused about whether you should or shouldn’t book a holiday to Algarve in February, just shoot me a DM on Instagram with your questions, and I will be happy to answer them. 

Now let’s dive right into the most important question — What are the average Algarve temperatures in February?

Algarve in February: weather

The first thing people always ask when travelling somewhere new during winter is concerning the weather. 

In this case, lots of people asked me, “So, what’s the Algarve weather in February?”.

I’m not blaming them because the answer might surprise you. First of all, Algarve is the Southern region of Portugal, right by the Atlantic Ocean. 

Algarve in February
Photo of the Algarve map

For some, the Algarve is almost synonymous with a holiday. 

Then you add the time, which, in this case, is February. And suddenly, you start questioning your reason and whether you actually think that February is a good time to enjoy a holiday on the beach.

So what’s the climate in the Algarve in February? You can check the countless websites of weather historical data for that, but I want to offer my experience after actually visiting Algarve in February.

Algarve in February

To answer your question, what’s the Algarve weather like in February? It’s perfect for sightseeing, and you won’t need anything else than a light jacket.

As you see, Algarve is really close to Gibraltar and Morocco.

After visiting all these places between February and May, I wouldn’t recommend getting anywhere close during summer. If scorching heat isn’t your thing, then February to April is the time of the year to visit Algarve and the surrounding areas.  

Of course, nobody can predict the weather, and it most definitely can change and vary from one year to the next. 

About the specific temperatures in the Algarve in February — it’s hard to say. But it usually revolves around 15 Celcius (59F).

Algarve in February

Weather in Algarve is changing rapidly in February. You can experience a mild rain in the morning and then enjoy a nice, clear-sky sunset on the same day. Some days might be windy, but nothing too crazy. 

However, the weather in the Algarve is warmer and drier than in the central and northern parts of Portugal.

That doesn’t mean you should not prepare for rain, as the Algarve climate in February can still bring in some rainy days. But not as many as in December, which is the rainiest month in the Algarve.

Since the weather might be a bit chilly, dress as you would for a gloomy September or October day. Don’t get your hopes too high so that you won’t be disappointed by the weather in Algarve. 

Albufeira weather in February

Since many visit the bigger towns in the Algarve, in Albufeira (Algarve, Portugal), the weather in February is pleasant.

In 2023, the average in Albufeira in February was around 13 Celcius (55F), with a high of 17C (64F).

Source: Albufeira historic weather data and temperatures in February

You can wear sandals on sunny days and only a thin sweater to keep you warm if there’s a light breeze.

This is me in the Algarve, Albufeira, which is just the perfect town, preferred by many tourists visiting the Algarve coastline during winter.

Faro weather in February

Faro is the largest city on the Algarve coastline and home to the Faro International Airport, which has direct flights to UK, France, Spain, Germany.

Here’s an overview of the Faro weather in February: (historic data from

  • Average temperature: 13C (55F), with a low of 9C (48F) and a high of 16C (60F)
  • Average rainfall: 9 days with 40 mm
  • Average hours of sunlight per day: 6 hours
  • Average water temperature: 17C (62F)

My experience in Algarve in February

I was in Algarve in February 2023. 

A couple of years ago I realised there’s no point in booking a 1-week holiday in Europe so now I am trying to stay in a new place for at least a month, so that I get a truly authentic experience, and have enough time to explore the place. 

Algarve in February
Algarve in February 26, 2023

Because I’m based in Europe (I’m from Romania), I have explored all European countries, so everything I write about is from my own experience. 

That’s why I spent an entire month in Algarve, where I rented an apartment, thinking that the weather couldn’t be that bad in February because I wanted to escape the winter from Romania. 

Algarve in February

And I was right. 

The weather in February in Algarve is mild. It’s not exactly summer weather, and it’s not sunny all the time, but it truly depends. 

The bottom line is that if you’re looking for summer weather in Algarve in February, you will not find it. 

You will find a warmer climate than in other parts of Europe, with an occasional shower and mostly cloudy days. 

Don’t expect any beach time up to the middle of February, although this, too, can change from year to year. 

Algarve in February
February 27, 2023

When I stayed in Algarve for a month in February – March 2023, the weather in Algarve improved considerably by the end of February. By the beginning of March, it was possible to swim in the ocean without a wetsuit. 

But in February, a lot of people (considering the time of the year, yes, a lot) were walking on the beach and enjoying their time there during the sunny days. 

Of course, the beaches were far from crowded, which makes it a perfect destination for travellers who want to explore popular European destinations without crowds. 

I was there with my boyfriend. We were based in Armação de Pêra, and our place was just 2 minutes away from the beach. Finding affordable apartments in nice locations is one of the perks of travelling off-season. 

Algarve in February: water sports

We noticed that a lot of surfers on the beach in Armação, so we decided to buy bodyboards (because we can’t surf). We also had to buy 4mm wetsuits because the water was still too cold for any kind of water sports. Note that our feet, hands and heads were uncovered. 

Algarve in February
Bodyboarding for the first time. Had no clue I also needed some waves.

We ended up spending a lot of our afternoons on the beach, being tumbled by the ocean, as we were learning how to use the bodyboard. 

I honestly dislike cold, but that wasn’t such a cold experience. 

Algarve in February
Algarve in February

I can’t judge if this is an experience for everyone, but given that I was able to completely immerse myself in the ocean, with a beginner’s wetsuit, in February in Algarve, I believe that’s not cold. 

Experience Algarve without the crowds

Portugal and the Algarve, in particular, have been popular holiday destinations for other Western countries since the 70s.

Most of them have a holiday house or apartment in Algarve, which they close for the winter and only use in the spring, summer, and early autumn. 

Algarve in February
Salves, Algarve, in February

According to statistical data from Pordata (Portuguese authority), in 2022, 23.3% of the population in Algarve consisted of foreigners. 

Algarve in February

That is a lot of tourists, and as you can imagine, everyone wants a piece of those gorgeous Algarve beaches. 

Because of that, all cities, towns, and small villages in Algarve are flooded by a new wave of construction projects and relatively new apartment buildings. 

Algarve in February
Albufeira in February

But luckily, most of these apartments are empty in February. 

Because winters in Europe are not known as the best time to travel, most people don’t plan any holidays, especially not in summer locations. At least, not on the mainland. 

And since those who own those apartments can visit their home all year long, they are in no hurry to visit Algarve in February. As a digital nomad myself, I always aim to travel off-season (if the weather isn’t too much of an inconvenience).

This means no traffic jams, no queues anywhere, and overall lower prices for services. However, you will still need to rent a car in Algarve to explore it.

Algarve in February
Salves Fortress in February

Now don’t imagine that everything is deserted, because it’s not. Tour agencies are still open, people still book boat tours, rent kayaks, and check off their bucket lists all the things to do in Algarve

But if you are on a budget and want to visit Algarve, then there is no better time to do that than in February or March.

I believe this is one of the best travel secrets out there, so use this info wisely. 

Actually, I liked it so much in Portugal in February that I stayed longer than originally planned. I stayed for 3 days in Lisbon in March, created a complete road trip itinerary for Portugal, and then spent a few more days in Madeira, before flying to Italy to visit San Marino, one of the six micro-states of Europe.

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