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How I spent 7 days in Athens, Greece

The story of 7 days in Athens. It was not planned, but I’m glad we made it through it all safely. It was a nice July evening; I was home alone and kinda bored. As I struggled to fall asleep, I decided not to try anyone. Opened my laptop, ran into that Ryanair email about their discount tickets, and booked a ticket for Athens for the end of September. Then...

5 vegan restaurant in Athens Peas Vegan & Raw Food

5 Tested Vegan Restaurants In Athens (Which You Will Love)

Greece is like heaven for vegans. And if you think about the islands and the beaches, it just might be the heaven we are all looking for. The traditional Greek food is tasty and lots of it is vegan anyway. But I am a vegan restaurant hunter, and I love to experience all kind of different vegan dishes, so I tried out 5 vegan restaurants in Athens. To my surprise...