Top 10 Best Black Sea Beaches in Romania To Visit in 2024

Top 10 Best Black Sea Beaches in Romania To Visit in 2024

What are the best Black Sea beaches in Romania? If you’re going on holiday to Romania, you’ll probably want to get out of the cities and enjoy the Romanian coastline.

I’ve been asked this question ever since I wrote my honest opinion about Vama Veche and why I don’t recommend visiting Vama Veche beach anymore. 

While the beach itself is still ok, the place is not. Spoiler alert: I classify Vama Veche as a tourist trap in Romania, but don’t take my word for it. Just read what others are saying about it in the comments section. 

Since Romania’s most liberal and joyful beach is not an option anymore for those who want to escape consumerism and get ripped off, I want to suggest some other beaches in Romania. Hopefully, they won’t end up the same way.

As a general rule of thumb, travelling in Romania is best done during the week, when most leisure places are chill and not overcrowded with tourists. Another reason to do so is the traffic, which is a nightmare during high season. Try to avoid it as much as you can travel on a Sunday, especially during summer. It can get so crowded that you’ll end up driving for 10 hours for what should have been a 2-hour drive. You have been warned!

Without further ado, here are some of the best beaches in Eastern Europe. Except for the European islands, most countries don’t have the best beaches, so these beaches in Romania are incredible and are still cheap.

What Are The Best Black Sea Beaches in Romania?

If you’re looking for another Vama Veche kind of village by the Romanian coastline, then you will be disappointed when you’ll discover there isn’t one. 

I tried for a couple of years to come up with a list of secret beaches in Romania, but so far, I had no luck.

I want to recommend a few secluded Romanian beaches and some chill village beaches from the Black Sea coastline. 

Mind that the beaches in Romania vary pretty much. Some beaches are wide and have the finest sand, while others are full of rocks and not suitable for all. 

I’ll list the top-recommended beaches in Romania, from North to South. You can see them on Google Maps here

Tips for visiting the beaches from the Danube Delta in Romania

All the beaches from the Danube Delta can be reached only by boat, and each tourist needs to buy a visiting permit.

 Where and how can you buy the permit to visit the Danube Delta in Romania?

The access fee for the Danube Delta (Rezervația Biosferei Delta Dunării) is as follows:

  • 5 ROn (1 Euro) per day,
  • 15 lei (3 Euros) per week and
  • 30 lei (6 Euros) per year. All prices are per person. 
  • There is another fee for cars (10 lei per day).

If you want to go fishing in the Danube Delta, you will need a fishing permit, which you can get from any of the locations listed above, but not by SMS. 

Plaja Sulina

How to get to Plaja Sulina? By public or private boat from Tulcea. 

Sulina is one of the main cities from the Danube Delta, one of the most diversified ecosystems in Europe. It can’t be reached by car, as it is at the very end of the Delta, where the Danube meets the Black Sea. 

You will need to park the car at Tulcea (there is a small daily fee for parking) and hop on a boat. Check out Navrom Delta’s daily schedule and prices for the route Tulcea – Sulina.

Also, remember that you need to purchase a permit to visit the Danube Delta. 

Sulina was an essential port from the Black Sea and is now a beautiful mix of old and colourful buildings. 

Plaja Sulina is only 2 km away from the city. You can walk, rent a bike or get a local taxi (10 lei) to get you there. 

The beach is part of the Danube Delta biosphere, and it is one of the most beautiful wild beaches in Romania. You will find a dock, two stores and a few sunbeds for rental. 

What convinced me to list Plaja Sulina as one of the best Black Sea beaches in Romania is its tranquillity. The prices are reasonable too.

You can find many accommodation options in Sulina here.

Plaja Sfântu Gheorghe 

How to get to Plaja Sfântu Gheorghe? By boat from Tulcea, Murighiol or Mahmudia.

Check out Navrom Delta for more info on public transport by boat. You’ll find lots of private boat offers too, once you get there. The main advantage of private speedboats is that it takes only about 2 hours to reach Sfântu Gheorghe village, while the public boat can take up to 4.5 hours. 

Each tourist needs to acquire a visiting permit for the Danube Delta. 

The beach is a few km away from the town, and you can walk (45 min) or use the local transport. 

As with any other location in the Danube Delta, you will have to spend a few days there to fully relax and discover the magical world of the Danube Delta. 

The beaches are lovely, wild, and there are plenty of accommodations in the villages. What makes these beaches so special is that they are right on the spot where the Danube meets the Black Sea. 

Locals often organise private tours to discover the great flora and fauna diversity of the Danube by boat. 

The Danube Delta is also famous for its fisheries, and it is regarded as the perfect palace for a fish diet. Try the sturgeon and the catfish specialities.  

Check out the available hotels in Sfantu Gheorghe.

Plaja Gura Portiței

How to get to Plaja Gura Portiței? By boat from Jurilovca (9.00, 14.00 and 18.00).

There is a private (30 minutes, 6 people max, >250 lei per boat) and a public boat (takes 1.5h, ~25 lei per person) you can take from Jurilovca to reach Gura Portitei. 

All tourists have to buy the Danube Delta visiting permit before embarking at Jurilovca port. 

Plaja Gura Portitei is one of the most exotic and remote places to visit in Romania. 

It was once a spot only known by fishermen. Today, on this strip of sand by the Black Sea in Romania, you will find cute traditional accommodations and modern huts.

The golden sand and the clear water of Gura Portitei make it one of the best Black Sea beaches in Romania and one of the most sought-after.

Part of the beach is a protected area of the ecosystem, and it is forbidden to tourists, but the public beach is large enough. 

I’d recommend booking accommodation in Gura Portitei before arriving there. The prices are pretty high, but you have to consider that this is a remote location. Also, you are not allowed to carry any food or drinks on the boat, and you will have to buy everything from the local restaurants. 

While this is not the cheapest beach in Romania, Plaja Gura Portitei is an excellent alternative to Vama Veche. It also offers specific beach activities, boat rides, and you can also camp on the beach to save some money. 

Because it is such a remote beach, dolphins are not afraid to come closer to the shore, and you can see them.

Check out the available accommodation options in Jurilovca.

Plaja Vadu

How to get to Plaja Vadu? By car. It’s 40 km away from Constanta. You can park near the beach. 

Plaja Vadu is another wild beach which become increasingly popular over the past decade. As Vama Veche started to decline, people began to look for alternatives, and Plaja Vadu is one of them. 

This beach is also part of the Danube Delta Biosphere, and camping and driving on the beach are forbidden. Unfortunately, many tourists break the rules, and some get fined. 

Also, remember that there is a fee for each car and tourist visiting the Danube Delta Biosphere. You can pay at the entrance. 

The village is 5 km away from the beach, and you can buy food and drinks from there. 

What can you visit around Plaja Vadu?

  • Plaja Corbu
  • Histria Fortress
  • Cheile Dobrogei and Recifii Jurasici (Dobrogea Gorges)
  • Caves: Peştera Sf. Ioan Casian, Peştera La Adam, Peştera Adăpostul Rândunelelor, Peştera Gura Dobrogei, Peştera Ghilingic, Peştera Mireasa, Peştera Cariera Nouă, Peştera Babei.
  • Rezervaţia Masivul geologic Cheia (Cheia Geological Massif Reserve)
  • Periboina
  • Gura Portiţei

Check out the available accommodation options in Vadu village.

Plaja Corbu

How to get to Plaja Corbu? By car. 

As you get closer to the main Black Sea resorts in Romania, you’ll notice more tourists and, unfortunately, more trash and expensive restaurants. 

While this is another village that wasn’t intended as a tourist destination, it has become an alternative to the other more established and expensive beaches in Romania, such as Mamaia Beach. 

Parking and camping are forbidden on the beach, but more and more tourists break the law and leave trash on the beach. 

There aren’t any shops on the beach, so make sure to bring everything you need. 

The long beach is full of shells, and the area is preferred by those practising windsurfing,  kitesurfing, sailing, diving, snorkelling, fishing and bird watching. 

What can you visit around Plaja Corbu?

  • Cetatea Histria (Histria fortress) 
  • Cetatea Enisala (Enisala Fortress)
  • Cheile Dobrogei (50 km – Dobrogea Gorges) 

Check out the available accommodation options in Corbu Village.

Plaja Navodari

Photo by Florin Hatmanu on Unsplash

Navodari used to be a place for summer camps. Even today, Navodari is one of the top Romanian beaches for holidays.

Today, I prefer it for its long and almost wild beach, but there are also many beach bars and shops close to the beach, which might be a sweet spot between the overcrowded beach of the more established Romanian seaside resorts and the wild beaches from more up North. 

If I had only one day to spend by the beach in Romania, I would choose Navodari. 

Try to visit during the week, and you won’t even notice the others on the beach. 

There’s a promenade right next to the beach, and you can park right there on the sidewalk.

Some parts of the beach have sunbeds and beach umbrellas, but if you want to stay away from the crowds, you will have to bring your own, as there is no shade, and it feels like a wild beach. 

Check out the available accommodation options in Navodari.

Plaja Constanta

How can you get to Plaja Constanta? By car, train, bus.

Constanta is the main city on the Romanian coastline and one of the most important ports on the Black Sea. 

It has many beaches, restaurants and accommodation options and you can reach it by train or bus. 

The most popular beaches in Constanta are Plaja Trei Papuci and Plaja Modern.

These are chill beaches in Romania, preferred by locals and families with small children. 

The main advantage is that you have plenty of excellent restaurants in the city and hotels and other touristic attractions. And Constanta is accessible by public transport, which is a huge plus if you’re looking to visit the Black Sea and don’t have a car. 

Plaja Modern is right next to the tourist port, where all the fancy fisheries are.

I’d say that Constanta is a city worth visiting all year round, not just during summer. Check out this Constanta travel guide and discover what else is there to do besides visiting the beach. 

Check out the available accommodation options in Constanta.

Plaja Agigea

How to get to Plaja Agigea? By car.


Plaja Agigea consists of 2 small beaches, and each has a fancy fishery. 

While I haven’t heard many people going to this specific beach for a sunbath, the two restaurants (Pescaria lui Matei and Restaurant Golful Pescarilor) are pretty popular amongst foodies.

The beach next to Golful Pescarilor is said to be a private beach, and they charge a fee of about 30 lei (~6 Eur) to enter. 

The benefit of choosing Plaja Agigea for a day trip from Bucharest is that you can reach it in about 2 hours from Bucharest. It is only 3.5 km away from the end of the highway. That makes it the closest Black Sea beach in Romania to Bucharest.

Don’t expect a long beach with infinite white sand because this isn’t it. 

But if you’re looking for a quick day trip to the seaside in Romania, then this might be a great choice. 

Also, I don’t think this is as popular as other beaches on this list because it is a small beach. In my honest opinion, that’s perfect for a weekday getaway from the city. 

Check out the available accommodation options in Agigea.

Plaja Eforie Sud

plaja eforie sud best beaches in Romania
Photo by Mihai Lazăr on Unsplash

Eforie is one of the most popular seaside resorts in Romania. It is trendy amongst families and the elderly. 

But I’m here to tell you about chill beaches in Romania, as an alternative to what Vama Veche used to be. 

It is hard to find something similar to that. Still, if you want to stay away from expensive beaches and beach bars with blasting music, you have to check the beaches from the more relaxed resorts, such as Eforie Sud. 

None of my friends goes there, but if you walk to the South of the beach, you’ll find a place with turquoise water and not too many people around. I kept this secret for many years, and now I’m telling it to you, so please be nice and don’t leave any trash behind. 

Check out the available accommodation options in Eforie Sud.

Plaja Tuzla

How to get to Plaja Tuzla? By car. 

Plaja Tuzla What are the best day trips to take from Bucharest, Romania? Here are the best things to do around Bucharest and 1-day trip ideas from Bucharest!

Plaja Tuzla is a modest beach in a village which is becoming increasingly popular with those wanting to escape the loud beach music and barbeque smoke. 

Some even compare it to Greece. 

If a chill Vama Veche alternative is what you’re looking for, then check out Plaja Tuzla. You can find accommodation in the village, with the locals. Just the way it used to be in Vama Veche. 

If you ask me, this beach is ten times better than the one in Vama Veche. 

Check out the available accommodation options in Tuzla.

Other honourable mentions for lovely Black Sea beaches in Romania

Here are some famous beaches in Romania. 

Many people love them, but they are the type of commercial and consumerism-driven beaches that don’t resonate with me and are not the top must-see beaches in Romania. 

I’ll mention them in case you want to plan a traditional Black Sea holiday in Romania. This is where you will find the self-service restaurants and the big and wide beaches full of sunbeds and beach umbrellas, the family hotels and the mediocre service. But they are still full. 

Here’re some more beaches in Romania for holidays:

  • Plaja Eforie Nord
  • Plaja Mangalia
  • Plaja Neptun Olimp
  • Plaja Saturn
  • Plaja Venus
  • Plaja 2 Mai

Beaches to avoid in Romania

This is a ‘Top 3 worst beaches in Romania’ bonus. I can already see the virtual rotten tomatoes being thrown at me. In my opinion, these Romanian beaches should be avoided:

  • Mamaia Beach (Plaja Mamaia)
  • Costinesti Beach (Plaja Costinesti)
  • Vama Veche Beach (Plaja Vama Veche)

Unfortunately, most people will avoid speaking the truth. At the same time, others will claim that these Romanian beaches are the place to be. 

The truth is that there are some beaches in Romania which used to be the best, considering the beach itself, the vibes and the atmosphere, but that’s not the case anymore. 

It’s been years since I’ve walked on these beaches, and from what I’ve heard from my friends, things have only gone downhill from there. 

These are the infamous top 3 most undesirable beaches in Romania. 

Plaja Mamaia

Mamaia is the most exclusive and expensive Black Sea resort in Romania. This is the place to visit if you are looking for nightlife, beach bars and clubs, fancy hotels and everything else. 

The beach itself is considered one of the best in this part of Europe, and it is a popular destination for foreign tourists as well. 

I wouldn’t recommend it for a chill and relaxed weekend by the beach, but I would recommend it if you plan a weekend of clubbing. If you also plan to stay here, it won’t be cheap. 

The best option is to stay in Navodari or Constanta and spend the day here if you like the crows, the loud music on the beach and the overpriced service. 

This is the luxurious version of what is today Vama Veche and those who used to love Vama Veche used to say that Mamaia is the worst place. I think you get the idea. 

Plaja Mamaia is a long beach, and every 100 meters, you’ll find another beach bar with private sunbeds for rental. There are only a few free beaches in between, and everywhere else, you have to pay for a sunbed. 

If you want to check it out anyway, I recommend going to Mamaia Nord, where the beach is lovely.

You can check out Kazeboo Beach, as I remember it was a nice place. But that was many years ago when I was in college. 

Plaja Costinesti

Costinesti is another famous resort in Romania. 

It’s one of those old resorts which was famous for its nightlife and low prices, even during Ceausescu’s time. 

It was and still is extremely popular for high school teenagers and young adults. 

I used to go there when I was in high school. It was nice and fun, but it was extremely crowded. 

Today it looks the same. Cheap, big, and crowded. To put things into perspective, the place is so crowded that you’d often find only a few available accommodations, which are a few km away from the beach. If you get too late to the beach, there won’t be any place to sit. Literally. 

Plaja Vama Veche

I won’t go into great details about Vama Veche here because I have an entire blog post about What no one tells you about Vama Veche

And this list of beaches in Romania is the reply to the many emails and messages I’ve been getting for the past few years, asking what the alternatives to Vama Veche are. 

Best beaches in Romania: Final thoughts

My mission is complete, and I have adequately informed you about the current situation of the Black Sea beaches in Romania. 

Bear in mind that some wild beaches are occasionally set up during summer. Still, they are relatively small and hard to reach. You can ask the locals about them, but I doubt that you’ll find better options than those listed here.

Also, bear in mind that most remote beaches have no toilets or showers. It might not be a choice for everyone. Still, I advocate for wild and pristine beaches, not the kitsch beaches that seem to represent the Romanian coastline. 

If the beach situation changes in the future years, I will try my best to update the information accordingly. 

Thanks for reading, and happy holidays in Romania! By the way, if you’re not into sunbathing, then check out the best time to visit Romania to discover a cool place in Romania for each month of the year.


Can you swim in the Black Sea?

Yes, you can swim in the Black Sea. It is a popular destination for tourists, particularly during the summer months when the weather is warm, and the water temperature is comfortable for swimming. Many coastal towns and resorts along the shores of the Black Sea, such as those in Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine, Russia, and Georgia, offer a variety of swimming spots, beach facilities, and other recreational activities for visitors.

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