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Travelling to india for the first time (all you need to know) Travelling alone to india

Travelling to India for the first time? Here’s my first contact with India

The real experience of being the first time in India was something I could not conceive in my mind. I wanted to go and explore India, and of course, you have to start somewhere. There must be a moment which will be the first time and this was that for me. It was India for the first time. Before actually being there, and experience India for the first time, I heard...

travelling to india for the first time (all you need to know)

Here’s all you need to know about travelling to India for the first time

Travelling to India has been a dream since I first learnt about this beautiful land. But travelling to India for the first time was not like I imagined it to be. In February 2019, I finally managed to travel to India and fulfil a long time dream. I bought my tickets without thinking out it too much, because hesitation brings nothing good usually, and just went with...

Discover Ubud, Bali: Things to do in Ubud and around

Ubud Travel Guide: Things To Do, Day Trips and Stay

Ubud, Bali has been on my travel list since at least 2 years ago, and when I finally made it there, I realized I don’t know what to do in Ubud, because I never researched it too much. I always thought it will take longer to get there, but it was the most unexpected trip ever. Basically, I won a trip to Bali, the Trip of Wonders 2019 and I was told about it just...

Discover Indian cuisine: Learn from locals how to cook Indian food

Discover Indian cuisine: Learn from locals how to cook Indian food

I always wanted to visit India, and it always fascinated me. I wanted to see the Taj Mahal even before I went to school. But after booking my tickets, I started to research the Indian food topic. I was scared of getting food poisoning. Also, I had no idea what food to eat and where from. I really wanted to discover the real Indian cuisine. So the first dinner I had...