11 Unique Halloween Costumes for Adults That Will Amaze Your Friends in 2020

Hello, October! It’s that time of the year when adults and kids have an excuse to dress up for fun. And I bet you’re looking for the best place to get Halloween costumes! If you’re on a quest to find some unique Halloween costumes, then look no further.

Update: I’ve added some discount codes for you! (find them at the end of this blog)

I’ve compiled a list of unique Halloween outfits, which you can order online right now.

I’ve done the research for you and discovered some cool Halloween store websites, where you can find top Halloween costumes. Or at least you can get the Halloween dress-up ideas you need to have the best costume for Halloween. 

Ready to get fancy with these special Halloween costumes?

In no particular order, here are the top unusual Holloween costumes that will amaze your friends. Don’t worry guys, there are some top male Halloween costume ideas as well.

11 Special Halloween Costumes That Will Amaze Your Friends

Let’s start with a few unique character Halloween costumes.

Iron Gal Costume

Why should only boys get to be Iron Man? This print is insane and the colours look so realistic. This superhero costume also has a cool glow while in the dark. 

Here’s an Iron Gal costume which will fit perfectly, and make your body look flattering and sexy, while the fabric feels qualitative and luxurious. And this female superhero costume can also be worn at your next festival or any other party where you need a fantasy costume. 

Who feels like a sexy robot?

Wonder Zombie Halloween Costume

Wishing for female superhero costumes? Why not spice things up and try this Sexy Wonder Woman Zombie costume?

This bodysuit will keep you warm for the Halloween night out. There’s a back zipper which is almost invisible that allows for amazing graphics on both the front and back.

White Widow Halloween costume

Why be nice when you can be a naughty White Widow? This White Widow Halloween costume will keek everything where it should be, and make you look (and feel) fabulous. I just love this print!

Top Halloween skeleton costumes for couples

There’s nothing that reminds you more of Halloween than a Halloween skeleton. So here they are, the X-Ray Skeleton prints for the most wicked Halloween costumes.

And you can get this together with your partner, so you can match. Remember that you will also glow in the dark.

X-Ray Skeleton Adult Halloween Costume

Check out the X-ray Skeleton costume for him.

Check out the X-ray Skeleton costume for her.

Still not impressed? Let’s check out some zombie Halloween costumes. It can’t be Halloween without any zombies, right?

Night King Halloween Costume

If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones, then you’re in luck. I found this unique Night King Halloween costume which will freak anyone out (and for sure your GoT fan friends will be impress).

Check out the Night King costume for him.

Check out the Night Queen costume for her.

We can all agree than you need the right make-up to go with this Night King costume, right?

Zombie Reckoning Halloween Costume

There can never be too many zombies at a Halloween party. But if you choose to be a zombie on the day of the reckoning, you will get for sure some of the attention for Halloween.

Check out the Zombie Reckoning Halloween Costume for him.

Check out the Zombie Reckoning Halloween Costume for her.

Frankenstein Halloween costume

Remember Victor Frankenstein, the one who created a human from dead flesh? Tale or not, Frankenstein is one of the most sought after Halloween costumes, even for adults.

Check out the Frankenstein Halloween costume for him.

Check out the Frankenstein Halloween costume for her.

Red Spider Halloween Costume

 Of all the great terrible things Halloween brings, we can’t have a party without any spiders. And they come in couples, too.

Check out the Red Spider Halloween Costume for him.

Check out the Red Spider Halloween Costume for her.

Black Spider Halloween Costume

I get it, you want more spiders, and you all want to be different. Here you are. Maybe you can mix and match the black and red spider costumes, if you are a couple or a group of friends.

Check out the Black Spider Halloween Costume for him.

Check out the Black Spider Halloween Costume for her.

Machina Halloween costume

Cyborgs are the future, aren’t they? At least for Halloween, you can be anything you want. So yes, you can be a cyborg.

Check out the Machina Halloween costume for him.

Check out the Machina Halloween costume for her.

Xenomorph Halloween costume

 Xenomorph (literally translates to “strange form” from Greek ξενος, xenos=strange and morphe=form) is the term often used to describe aliens. And we can’t have a complete Halloween party without at least one alien, can we?!

Check out the Xenomorph Halloween costume for him.

Check out the Xenomorph Halloween costume for her.

So these are 11 Special Halloween Costumes That Will Amaze Your Friends, and hopefully, I managed to amaze you as well.

Check out Badinka for more unique Halloween costumes. Whether you are looking for an unusual, fancy, or a particular character female Halloween costume, you will find some of the top costumes right here.

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More Halloween Costumes to Choose from

Looking for a place where to find all kinds of costumes and decorations for Halloween?

As I understand not all of us are into super special, unique Halloween costumes, or maybe you just don’t feel comfortable in these costumes, I also suggest taking a look at more conventional costumes, at HalloweenCostumes.com.

Check out their Kids Halloween Costumes section, Adults Halloween costumes or just sort the entire selection of costumes by theme Halloween costumes and you will find loads of great costumes and costumes ideas.

Have you found the perfect place where to find costumes for Halloween, yet?!

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