Vegan Valentine’s Gifts: 9 Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend in 2022

Looking for vegan Valentine’s gifts ideas? Check out these cute and original Valentine’s Day gifts for your vegan girlfriend.

Looking for vegan Valentine’s gifts ideas? Look no further. I’ve done all the research for you and I am pleased to say that I found all the cute and original Valentine’s Day gifts for your vegan girlfriend.

As a vegan myself, I can assure you she (or he) will be pleased. And yes, there’s a vegan valentine’s chocolate box on the list.

You’ll need to have an idea of what she prefers, but I reckon that most of these Valentine’s gift ideas will make her say ‘YES!’ to your “Be me Valentine” request.

Vegan Valentine’s Gifts: How to prepare your best gift

Before planning anything for Valentine’s Day, make sure your partner will enjoy it. Whatever you plan on getting or doing for VDay, you have to know that is something he or she will genuinely enjoy.

I especially like it when I receive a vegan gift because it means that the other person carefully considered my lifestyle and preferences when picking out the gift.

In a way, it makes the receiver feel even more special, not only because they receive a gift, but because the gift itself was carefully selected from a wide range of random things most people get for Valentine’s Day. And that is the ultimate goal of any gift making occasion: To make the other person feel special.

If you decided to pick a vegan gift for your vegan partner for Valentine’s Day, then you can rest assured that your partner will feel special. They will know you gave this task extra thought into gifting the perfect vegan Valentine’s gift.

And with that being said, let’s dig into this carefully selected list of Valentine’s Gift Ideas for your Vegan girlfriend or partner. Some gift ideas work for any vegan friend and the rest have options.

Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Your Vegan Girlfriend or Boyfriend

Cuteness overload onesie

While the old, traditional Valentine’s gifts are all about chocolates and flowers, I dare to say that a vegan girlfriend would be more into a comfortable onesie.

Vegan Valentine's Gifts: 15 Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend in 2021
Get it here.

It’s that kind of thing that you know you’d love but you’d never buy it for yourself.

This one, in particular, is the cutest thing ever, and I would wear it anywhere. That’s why I know other women would too. Call me eccentric, but I describe my style as comfortable and cool.

Adidas Sleek Vegan Leather

Getting vegan quality shoes can be somehow of a challenge. That’s why I’m thrilled to give you the best news ever.

Get it here.

Adidas is offering one of its famous models made out of vegan leather. And who doesn’t like Adidas? No matter what some may say, they will remain classic and stable footwear for years to come. That means it will not go out of style anytime soon.

This vegan leather Adidas will please fashion addicts and vegans alike. I, for one, am thrilled by this find and I consider it a thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift. And your girlfriend will, too.

LOVE Necklace

Valentine’s Day gifts: Jewellery! One of the most sought-after gifts for V Day is a piece of jewellery.

But not just anything. Something cute, and simple. Something like this necklace. To be honest, I’ve always wanted one of these.

Get it here

This necklace looks so chic and improves the overall appearance of any outfit. And the simple, but powerful message tells needs no more words. Love is a universal language, and jewellery is the kind of Valentine’s gift any girlfriend would love.

This LOVE necklace is a subtle and thoughtful gift. The kind of gift that will always remind her of you.

Hickies laces

Ok, you might not expect to consider laces as Valentine’s gift. But hear me out first.

As much as girls prefer expensive and shiny gifts, the more comfortable women will be delighted with more practical gifts as well.

Hickies laces are reusable laces, made to last and give a comfortable experience. No more tangled or untied laces for you. This might not be an option for everybody, but for someone who wears sneakers every day, this might be a time saver. And they look futuristic.

Get them here.

I’m talking about the only kind of laces you’ll ever want to wear, ever again. Check out this simple way to lace up and then decide what colour you want.

Delicious Smelling Vegan Body Lotion

We might not be able to travel much at the moment. Trust me, the pain is real and I feel it.

But, there are so many other things we can do, to help with our travel wanderlust need, and to make us feel better. I’m talking about visiting paradise, with our senses.

Get it here.

Check out this Tropical Punch body custard. It’s like it was created for all those who yearn for tropical beaches. And it’s vegan, too.

Plant-based Protein Powder (Chocolate flavour)

While vegan is a lifestyle, I am constantly worried about food and future snacks. And vegan protein powder is something I never want to be without. And there’s never too much of it.

Get it here.

Every now and then, I get a flavoured protein powder. Chocolate is my go-to option. I think your vegan girlfriend will find this Valentine’s gift extremely thoughtful and practical.

I haven’t met a vegan who’s not interested in vegan protein snacks and powers, so you can’t go wrong with this one.

Vegan Valentine’s Chocolate Box

We all love chocolate, and gifting chocolate for Valentine’s is one of the most simple and yet adored gifts. Some foodies wouldn’t even consider celebrating Valentine’s Day without a box of chocolates.

Get them here.

So what are we, vegans, ought to do? Get ourselves a Vegan Valentine’s chocolate box. You can’t go wrong with this one. In the end, we all like to eat. And I can tell you that even non-vegans like this one.

Check out these handcrafted, gluten-free Vegan Valentine’s chocolates. Available for a Limited Time.

I also have to mention the Organic & Vegan Holiday Chocolates. I couldn’t decide which should be on the list of Vegan Valentine’s Day gift ideas so I’ll leave this here. Just in case.

Make sure to check the website for other vegan valentines treats. Doesn’t seem like a great gift, but trust me, it is!

Vegan Comfy Loafers

Veganism goes way beyond a diet.

Being a vegan means caring about the sustainability of the products you use and buy. It means to recycle and to find replacements for some materials.

And that’s why, vegans will always be excited about a new, sustainable, vegan shoe brand.

Get them here.

Check out Vivaia, and all their vegan and sustainable footwear. Their footwear is made from recycled bottles, and are machine washable. They come in 100% recycled cardboard packages. And they’re super comfortable.

Herschel mini Backpack

Yes, there are some trends when it comes to accessories, and Herchel’s backpacks seem to be one of them. As a vegan traveller, I sigh thinking about one.

Get it here.

Herschel mini backpack is a perfect Valentine’s gift idea for vegan budget travellers. The backpack can be used when travelling, but it looks cool enough to be used as an everyday bag. There are different sizes and colours you can choose from.

This sums up the Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Vegans and I hope you found the inspiration you were looking for to get the best vegan Valentine’s gifts for your partner and vegan friends.

This list of original and thoughtful gift ideas is only the beginning. There’re many other great and original gifts you can find for your loved one, but I hope this settles that Valentine’s day for vegans is possible. Even if you want chocolate.

Let me know which of these original Valentine’s Day gift ideas got you excited!

Looking for vegan Valentine's gifts ideas? Look no further. I've done all the research for you and I am pleased to say that I found all the cute and original Valentine's Day gifts for your vegan girlfriend.
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