How to Survive as a Vegan in Paris

I’m guessing you’re a vegan! Or just really curious about places to eat vegan in Paris. I am a vegan, and lots of my friends ask me what do I eat when I’m travelling. Yes, there are vegan restaurants in Paris!!

It’s easy to keep your diet when you are at home and you prepare your meals, but that’s not always an option while travelling. It’s always a good idea to save some money and not eat out, and that’s one piece of advice from my budget travelling article. Check it out! It will give you some ideas about how to save some money.

I arrived in Paris without having read any travel tips about any good restaurant in Paris to have vegan food. That’s why I was surprised to discover Paris is a vegan-friendly city.

If you already know all the vegan places in Paris, discover 10 Of The Coolest And Most Unusual Things To Do In Paris.

I mostly use websites and blogs to track down places to eat, like Happy CowIt’s a cool website for vegetarians and vegans and they also have an app. It has many options to sort what kind of food do you want, dessert or raw food. It shows the restaurants nearby, a description of the place and photos and reviews from other fellow vegans that have been there already.

Another tip is to simply Google vegan restaurants (or vegan burgers, because it’s getting huge)  and a lot of blogs will pop up. But it’s too much info and sometimes I don’t have the patience to look too much. Especially when I’m hungry.

I also try my luck on Google Maps. I search for vegan and it’s cool because if the restaurant is rated as vegan, it will show up and you can see all the places on the map. It shows up your location as well and it’s very easy to choose.

Yes, I do have a list of vegan restaurants in Paris, which I personally tested and I would recommend.

Vegan restaurants  in Paris

Hank Vegan Burger

hank vegan burger paris

This was the place I’ve ever tried a vegan burger and fell in love with vegan fast food. I found it googling where to eat in Paris and I was instantly curious about their vegan burgers.

The place is small and cosy, having the open kitchen area downstairs and then the dining area upstairs. Not a lot of tables, but the place has a nice setup, ideal for young travellers searching for vegan and organic fast food.

The prices affordable, and the food is great. A menu is 13 Eur (burger+fries+a drink), while the burger it’s only 8.5 Eur. Gluten free, desserts and alcohol also available. For Paris and the location I think is a good option.

This is the  Hank Vegan Burger website.

L’as du Fallafel

L'as du fallafel Paris

This well known Kosher restaurant is a must. The restaurant is vegetarian and vegan-friendly,  and the food is fresh because a lot of people eat here.  During lunchtime, the queue extends on the street. Go before lunch or later in the afternoon to avoid the crowd.

Ask for the vegan falafel, and they will know not to put yoghurt in it. They charge 2 Eur extra if you want to sit, and also the place is quite small, so take away is better.

They are closed on Saturdays (Shabbat day,  they are Jewish).

I don’t know if it’s the best falafel in Paris, but check them out.


Amarino vegan ice cream

Vegans love ice cream as well.

Amorino is an international chain of ice cream shops. And it has vegan ice cream (sorbet): chocolate, mango, pistachio, lemon, and more. The number of flavours depends on the size of the store. And the best part is they make your ice cream look like a flower! It’s just beautiful.

And the best part is they make your ice cream look like a flower! It’s just beautiful.

There are a lot of shops in Paris, so make sure to keep an eye out 🙂

Check out their website Amorino.

Gentle Gourmet

Vegan burger in a gourmet restaurant

The best meal I’ve had in Paris was at Gentle Gourmet. Everything is vegan, and the place looks nice and a little posh. The staff is nice and helpful, and the food was amazing (taste and looks). This is a restaurant, so prices are over 20 Eur for the main course, but I would recommend it for foodies, to try it once. Loved it!

This is a restaurant, so prices are over 20 Eur for the main course, but I would recommend it for foodies, to try it once. Loved it!

This is their website Gentle Gourmet.

East Side Burgers

east side vegan burgers paris

Fast vegan burger! Great food and friendly staff. The place is vegetarian but they can also make it vegan. Menu options and also vegan deserts.

The place is small, outside are tables and downstairs is the dining area. It was hot inside in September, so outside was really nice.

East Side Burgers is another place to eat vegan in Paris.

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How to Survive as a Vegan in Paris

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