51 Most Instagrammable Places in Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest is famous for its communist history and as being the capital of Romania. But Bucharest has undergone massive transformations in the last three decades and is now a popular destination for budget travellers. Speaking of budget, wouldn’t you like to know some of the most Instagrammable places in Bucharest that are also free to visit?

I know I would.

That’s why, as a long time inhabitant of Bucharest, I want to share with you the ultimate list of Instagrammable places in Bucharest. Most of these places are free to visit, and those which have an entry fee are usually only a few LEI (the Romanian currency).

I can guarantee that at the present moment, July 2020, there isn’t any other list as complete a this one as for prettiest places in Bucharest for photos!

As your friend and a local of Bucharest, here’s the only list you’ll ever need (until new places emerge) of the Most Instagrammable Places in Bucharest!

Check out all the Romania resources if you plan to see more of my beautiful country. You’ll find all my tips and travel guides there.

How many of these Instagrammable places in Bucharest did you know about?

I will organise these places into Buildings & Museums, Street art & Stairs and Parks, so it will be easier for you to choose what kind of place you want with one of the most Instagrammable places in Bucharest.

Most Instagrammable Buildings and Museums in Bucharest

1 Palace of Parliament

Address: Piața Constituției, București – where this photo was taken

51 Most Instagrammable Places in Bucharest Casa poporului Palatul Parlamentului Palace of Parliament House of the people Bucharest Romania What to see in Romania

Probably one of the most famous buildings in Romania and for architects around the world, is the Romanian Palace of Parliament, or the House of the People (Ro: Casa Poporului). It’s the second-largest building in the world and the heaviest! Although the parliament works there, there have organised tours every day, both in Romanian and English.

But you don’t need to visit it for a great shot! You just need to go in front of it (or on one of its four sides – all designed to look the same).

I also included the Palace of Parliament on the list of amazing things you can do in Bucharest.

2 Romanian Athenaeum

Address: Strada Benjamin Franklin 1-3

bucharest atheneum 10 Amazing Places To Visit When You're In Bucharest

3 Arcul de Triumf (The Arch of Triumph)

Address: Piața Arcul de Triumf

Arcul de Triumf (Arch of Triumph) 10 Amazing Places To Visit When You're In Bucharest

4 Muzeul Satului (Village Museum)

Address: Şoseaua Pavel D. Kiseleff 28, there is a small entrance fee

muzeul satului Most Instagrammable Places in Bucharest

5 CEC Palace

Address: Calea Victoriei 13

Questo discover people, places and stories Bucharest Romania CEC building

6 Palatul Cantacuzino (George Enescu Museum)

Address: Calea Victoriei 141

7 Mogoşoaia Palace

Address: Strada Valea Parcului 1, Mogoșoaia

mogosoaia Travel in Romania: 51 Most Beautiful Places in Romania to Plan Your Trip Around

8 Carturesti Carusel Bookstore

Address: Strada Lipscani 55

carturesti carusel 51 Most Instagrammable Places in Bucharest Casa poporului Palatul Parlamentului Palace of Parliament House of the people Bucharest Romania What to see in Romania

9 Stavropoleos Church

Address: Strada Stavropoleos 4

stavropoleos church Questo discover people, places and stories Bucharest Romania

10 National Bank of Romania

Address: Strada Doamnei 8

For visiting you need to check these conditions 2 days before.

11 Grand Hotel Continental

Address: Calea Victoriei 56

hotel grand continental 51 Most Instagrammable Places in Bucharest Casa poporului Palatul Parlamentului Palace of Parliament House of the people Bucharest Romania What to see in Romania

12 National Museum of Romanian History

Address: Calea Victoriei 12

13 Caru’ cu Bere

Address: Strada Stavropoleos 5

14 Odeon Theatre

Address: Calea Victoriei 40-4

15 Casa Capșa

Address: Calea Victoriei 36

Calea Victoriei Questo discover people, places and stories Bucharest Romania Hotel Capsa

16 Sutu Palace (Museum of Bucharest)

Address: Bulevardul Ion C. Brătianu 2

17 Metropolis Centre

Address: Strada Grigore Alexandrescu 89-97

18 Macca House

Address: Strada Henri Coandă 11

19 Coltea Hospital

Address: Bulevardul Ion C. Brătianu 1

20 Biblioteca Nationala a Romaniei (National Library of Romania)

Address: Bulevardul Unirii 22

View from the National Library of Romania

21 House of the Free Press (Casa Presei)

Address: Piața Presei Libere 1

22 Capitol Hotel

Address: Calea Victoriei 29

23 Sky tower

Address: Str. Barbu Văcărescu 201

24 Globalworth Campus

Address: Bulevardul Dimitrie Pompeiu nr. 4- 6

25 Building on Vasile Conta street

Address: Strada Vasile Conta 7

The building resembles the famous Yik Cheong building photo spot and it has become increasingly with local creators for the past few years.

26 Kretzulescu Church & Revolution Square

Address: Calea Victoriei 45

Revolution Square is the place where the fall of the Communist regime began. This is a place of immense meaning for the Romanian people. Here you will find Kretzulescu Church, the National Art Museum (The Royal Palace), the statue of Carol I, the first king of Romania and the Central Library.

27 Linea / Closer To The Moon

Address: Strada Lipscani 17

28 Gara de Nord

Address: Piața Gării de Nord

Although the train stations are the fanciest in Romania, they do keep a strong memory of the communist era. I find that somehow fascinating and it’s a bit like time travelling. The building itself isn’t the most photogenic, and the people you will meet inside the train station are of dubious origin. But the tracks offer many opportunities for those willing to explore their creativity.

29 Obor Market

Address: Strada Ziduri Moși 4

Enjoy a tradition Romanian market, observe the locals and take the ultimate Instagram photo where nobody else is thinking about photos.

The most Instagrammable Street Art and Stairs in Bucharest

30 Unirii fountains

Address: Bulevardul Unirii 14

31 Pasajul Englez (English Passage)

Address: Calea Victoriei nr.52

pasajul englez 51 Most Instagrammable Places in Bucharest Casa poporului Palatul Parlamentului Palace of Parliament House of the people Bucharest Romania What to see in Romania

32 Paris Street (and the surrounding streets)

Address: Strada Paris

33 Arthur Verona street

Address: Strada Pictor Arthur Verona

Each year, there is a fest going on, called Street delivery, when the entire streets gets repainted, and artists and local craftsman show up in a celebration of bohemian urban life.

34 Pasajul Victoria (aka Umbrella Alley)

Address: Calea Victoriei 48-50

35 Pasajul Macca-Vilacrosse

Address: Calea Victoriei 16-20

36 Rembrandt Art Centre

Address: Strada Lipscani nr. 63-65

37 Izvor Bridge

Address: 44.43363, 26.08435

38 Victoriei Passage

Address: Șoseaua Nicolae Titulescu 1

The view from above the passage towards the glass-windowed office buildings during the sunset is magical and deserves a spot on the list of the most Instagrammable places in Bucharest.

39 Mural on Banu Andronache

Address: Banu Andronache 52

40 Cotroceni Stairs

Address: Strada Doctor Grigore Romniceanu 7

While the entire Cotroceni neighborhood is wonderful, and many local photographers love it as part of their photoshoots, there stairs in particular are splendid background for an Instagram photo. The stairs have been recently (re)painted.

41 The Stairs near Carol Park

Address: Strada Xenofon, București

42 Dâmbovița pier (Cheiul Dâmboviței)

Address: 44.43056, 26.09563

43 Podul Basarab (Basarab Bridge, in the tram station)

Address: 44.45003, 26.06882

44 Basarab Passage

Under the Basarab Bridge

The Most Instagrammable Parks in Bucharest

45 Carol Park

Address: 44.41522, 26.09592

46 Cismigiu Gardens

Address: 44.4349796, 26.0911587

47 Lake Văcărești

Address: 44.3993185, 26.1255469

Lake Văcărești Bucharest Romania

The Only Urban Delta in Europe is in Bucharest. I wrote more about Văcărești lake here: Lake Văcărești – the hidden delta of Bucharest.

48 Lacul Morii (the island)

Address: 44.4592688, 26.0273083

49 The Botanical Garden’s Greenhouses

Address: Șoseaua Cotroceni 32

50 Herastrau lake

Address: In Mihai I park (former Herastrau park)

51 Tineretului Park

Address: Bulevardul Gheorghe Șincai 2

The park is huge and you can enter it from multiple boulevards. You need one afternoon to see it all. The lake area is my favourite part.

So these are the 51 Most Instagrammable places in Bucharest and I hope you are more inspired to visit Bucharest and to create wonderful memories in all these places.

And to make it easier for you, here are all these places I mentioned pinned on the map, so you can save this for later!

But, just judging from the photos, do you have a favourite one? Or maybe a top 3?

Are you planning on Visiting Bucharest, Romania? Then you need to know the best Instagrammable places in Bucharest! (The complete list - from a local!)
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