Planning A Trip Through Romania?

If you’re planning a trip through Romania or just want to know more about Romania, before you do any planning, then you’ve come to the right place. Of course, you’ll always have Wikipedia and TripAdvisor to tell you the TOP PLACES to visit in Romania and the best restaurants to check out. But this page is more than a list of things to do in Romania. 

We’re talking about my home country, my motherland, and when it comes to travelling, it’s more than checking out these X things and eating this or that. I believe travelling truly happens when the foreigners get immersed (if even for a bit) in the culture, into the day-by-day issues that locals have, and into the elements of culture, you can’t see with your eyes. 

I’m talking about the THINGS YOU HAVE TO EXPERIENCE, and Romania has plenty of those. As a LOCAL, I can tell you and answer some of the questions you might have, which will find no answer on any other public platforms. WHY? Because I believe Romania is a beautiful country, with its spirit and lands, and it deserves much more attention from all of us. 

With that being said, I will continue to write and film content about my beautiful country and upload it here and on my YouTube channel. For any questions you might have, feel free to email me at

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What is Romania famous for?

Romania is famous for its landscapes, people, food and traditions. Rural traditions are one of the main attractions for foreigners, and visiting Romania during Christmas or Easter is a thing (for those who know about these traditions). 

The cities look more or less the same, but there’s always something to do. There are places we love during summer, and other we are fast to book for winter. Here’s a list of famous people and things from Romania.


  1. Nature
  2. Traditions
  3. History
  4. Cities
  5. People

Vlogs from Romania


I write Travel Guides for Romania on my blog and I also film most of my road trips and upload the vlogs on YouTube

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What Do You Need to Know Before Visiting Romania?

Check out this extensive list of the most beautiful places to visit in Romania.

Many people still ask if Romania is a safe country, and the short answer is “YES”. Check out the extensive answer here – Is Romania safe?

It might come as a surprise, but Romania is safe and has something to offer all year long. Romania isn’t a seasonal tourist destination but a complete destination with something to offer all travellers, regardless of the season. Check out here the best time to visit Romania.

Bucharest, the capital city of Romania, and my hometown, was once called “the little Paris”. While some say it has not much to offer, oftentimes, first-time visitors are surprised by the countless amazing spots that they discover in my city. Check out here my personal recommendations on things to do for your first trip here — Top things to do in Bucharest.

What Do You Need to Know Before Visiting Romania?

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