Where to drink wine in Bucharest? My favourites are summer gardens in Bucharest, with chill vibes and great vine. Sure, some close when September comes and some stay open until late in the autumn.

So let’s dig into this stunning wine bars and gardens in Bucharest you have to visit. Fancy or relaxed, there are all kinds of summer gardens in Bucharest. And they all have wine.

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Address: They have relocated to 44-46 Calea Dorobanti until 2021. They share location with Gradina Dorobanti. Their original location is under renovation.

Eden is one of the most famous places to visit in the summer. It’s more of a relaxed, hobo chic, hippie, hipster place, where you’ll see people with their bikes. The garden is actually the backyard of an old building on Victoria Avenue, the famous street from Bucharest.

Since it got so popular, they expanded the area, having multiple bars, some basic food options and a smoothie bar.

Green Hours

Address: Calea Victoriei 120

Conveniently locates across the street, Green Hours is a more traditional bar in Bucharest which also happens to have an inner yard which customers love during the summer.

The inside is nice too, and they also have a basement. They occasionally host live concerts and other events.

FlipFlop Bistroteca

Address: Bulevardul Dacia 139

FlipFlop is another chill and hipster location for a group of friends to drink some beer or wine and eat a burger.

Last time I visited FlipFlop, they hosted a vinyl party which was a pretty successful event. Bike and dog friendly, the staff is cool and the overall atmosphere was great.

Popas Nostalgia

Address: Strada Tuzla 50

Bucharest is starting to be nostalgic over the 90s so Nostalgia is counting on that segment of the public for its success. The entire decor of the garden is all meant to remind locals of their 90s, and some things might be as familiar to foreigners as they are to Romanians. For instance, the keys hanged as the entrance.

popas nostalgia

But they also added some more hipster elements into the mix, and you will find some good fast food around.

Nostalgia is famous for its summer parties, where they play Romanian music from the 90s. Some love it and some hate it.

Gradina Olari

Address: Strada Olari 8

Tucked in the heart of Bucharest is this small garden which belongs to an old but beautiful house.

Gradina Olari

The atmosphere is almost romantic, with dim lights hanging over your head after the sunset, with a few well-thought food options, street food style and a great selection at the bar. All is self-service and the staff is lovely.

Grădina Dorobanți

Address: Calea Dorobanți 44-46

Yes, Bucharest has many hidden summer gardens, sprinkled all around the old Bucharest. None in the old town, where most foreigners spend their time.

And that’s why, most of the time, these gardens are full of artistic locals, and still have their authentic charm.

Gradina Dorobanti is the most similar to Eden, a place where you can have your drink while swinging in a hammock.

Obviously, the most popular time of the day to visit any of these summer gardens are at sunset, when the lights get on and the music gets relaxed.


Address: Mihai Eminescu 57

One night, I discovered this place as I was walking home from another summer garden in Bucharest. I have heard about this fabulous place, but I had no idea where it was.

This is a garden I would rate as a more authentic hipster summer garden. Good wine and beer. Across the street is a much appreciated restaurant which also serves here some of its magical food.

Café Verona

Address: Strada Pictor Arthur Verona 13-15

Wonderfully located behind a Carturesti bookstore location, and close to the main hipster scene of Bucharest, Cafe Verona has a long history as a summer garden. I remember it since I was in my first years in collage. Great lemonade, fries and obviously, wine.

Somewhere between commercial and hipster, but still a favourite amongst locals.

Grădina Floreasca

Address: Bulevardul Mircea Eliade 16

I think that you get that Grădina means garden. So Gradina Floreasca is one of the more chic summer restaurants which happens to also have a pool.

It’s the kind of location where people organize corporate events during summer and even weddings. And you can also come here during the day and enjoy the pool.

While some of these summer gardens in Bucharest close during the winter, some will remain open. Make sure to check them out on your next trip to Bucharest!

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Stunning summer gardens in bucharest romania you have to visit

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