Restaurants in Bucharest: Where to eat and drink in Bucharest, Romania?

Bucharest is more vivid than ever! Each year the number of foreign tourists sets a new record for Romanian Tourism. But where to eat and drink in Bucharest? These are some of my recommendations, where locals go out for drinks and to eat.

For me, it’s essential to guide you in Bucharest and Romania in general, so you get to experience the best out of my home country! And then you can tell others about it too. These are my recommendations for places to eat and drink in Bucharest.

Here are all the location on the map, so you can fine all the places to eat and drink in Bucharest easier:

Given the current world situation of the pandemic and the Romanian laws, restaurants cannot serve customers inside. They can only serve takeaways or on their terrace if they have one. That’s why I recommend calling the location before to make a reservation (and make sure they are open).

While these locations are excellent and have great food and drinks, I do have a select list of vegan restaurants in Bucharest, if you’re a fellow vegan and want to try that. Also, don’t miss the most fabulous rooftops in Bucharest!

Best Restaurants to Eat and Drink in Bucharest, Romania

Most of these restaurants have an outdoor seating area, and they’re opened in 2020, after the many restrictions that took place due the Covid-19 pandemic.

But considering that they can only serve outside, it would be wise to call before getting to the restaurant and try to make a reservation if possible.

Some of these restaurants are popular and they were busy since before all the craziness happened.

Caru’ cu Bere

Address: Strada Stavropoleos 5, București 030081

Caru’ cu Bere is probably the most famous restaurant in Bucharest, the one that all locals know about and they recommend it to their foreign friends (Myself included). There can’t be a list of places to eat and drink in Bucharest that doesn’t include Caru’ cu Bere.

Why should you visit Caru’ cu Bere?

Because they serve traditional Romanian food, the staff has a nice attire and the interiour is absolutly stunning. The place has also a historical significance and it was a hangout place for some Romanian personalities. It was also featured in a couple of Romanian films. Oh, and it is right in the Old Town, which is the preffered attraction of foreigners.

I don’t like the Old Town too much, because it has transformed into a very touristy place with high prices (I would say that everything there is 20% above the normal Bucharest price), but Caru’ cu Bere is still an attraction in itself and is worth the trip.

Definitely make a reservation if you want to have dinner at Caru’ cu Bere. Usually, there are long queues outside, of people waiting for a free table.

You can book a table directly on their website:


Address: Strada Ion Brezoianu 4, București 050023

Energiea is a restaurant, a cool place to meet up with some friends for a drink in the evening and it also has some tables outside, right on the sidewalk. It’s close to the old town. They are famous for their fries!


Address: Strada Sevastopol 8, București 010992

Thalia Restaurant has 2 locations, one at Piata Victoriei and another one new Tineretului. The menu is the same, but I like the location at Piata Victoriei more.

The food is super good and the house is spectacular. They also have some tables outside but it’s better to book your table in advance.

Hanu’ Berarilor (Casa Oprea Soare) –

Address: Strada Poenaru Bordea 2, București 040092 (Casa Oprea Soare)

Hanu’ Berarilor has also 2 locations, and both are spectacular and will introduce you to the old Bucharest,

La Mama

La Mama has many locations in Bucharest. They offer traditional Romanian food and have good prices.

Trattoria Il Calcio

Trattoria Il Calcio is an Italian restaurant, with multiple locations in Bucharest, that I used to like a lot before I was a vegan.


Address: Strada Duzilor 12, București 021472

Modelier has a cute location with a nice terrace in the backyard of an old house, and some say that they serve some of the best burgers in town. They even have a veggie burger on the menu. But you might need a reservation if you want to visit them for dinner.


Address: (1) Strada Avrig 63 & (2) Bulevardul Iuliu Maniu 12

Calif is a fast food, with a few tables outside in front of the location. The best fast falafel and shawarma, if you ask me.

Restaurant Chinezesc Marele Zid

Address: Strada Vasile Lascăr 189, București

This Chinese restaurant was the first Chinese restaurant in Bucharest, and it was opened almost 30 years ago. You know that a restaurant is good when they’ve been opened for so long. They don’t need a lot of advertisement, and only locals that know about it come to eat here (and of course, Chinese eat here too).

Unfortunately, the restaurant it is closed at the moment due to the lack of ingredients caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Osteria Ciao Niki

Address: Strada Mihai Eminescu 90, București 030167

Osteria Ciao Niki is the place for homemade Italian food.

Trafalgar Pub si Restaurant – Dorobanti

Address: Strada David Emanuel 4 A, București 030167

Trafalgar is a restaurant that combines the British style (they always watch football if someone’s playing) and good International food. Popular with locals and good value for the food.

Trattoria Buongiorno Victoriei

Trattoria Buongiorno has a few different locations in Bucharest, but my favourite is the one from Piata Victoriei. They offer a special lunch menu during the week and overall the prices are affordable.

the ARTIST Restaurant

Address: Calea Victoriei 147, București 010073

The Artist is one of the best and most expensive restaurants in Bucharest. Reservations are required.

Restaurant Beirut

Address: Strada Nicolae Racotă 3A, București 011391

restaurant beirut bucharest romania

Beirut Restaurant is a family-run Lebanese restaurant, and it is my go-to restaurant for Lebanese food (and one of my vegan restaurants). This restaurant has great prices and delicious food and is one of my favourite restaurants, so I had to include it on the list of places to eat and drink in Bucharest. Did you know that Lebanese and Middle Eastern food has a lot of vegan options?


Address: Intrarea Tudor Ștefan 32, București 011657

Cucinetta is an Italian restaurant that promises to use the best raw products to serve authentic Italian dishes. The location is central, in a chic neighborhood of Bucharest, bu the prices are affordable.

Trattoria Mezzaluna

Address: Strada Crăciun 3, București 101010

Trattoria Mezzaluna promises and delivers great Italian dishes, in a central location in Bucharest.

Shift Pub

Address: Strada General Eremia Grigorescu 17, București 030167

Shift Pub is located on a nice, quiet street in the centre of Bucharest, in an old house, and has a lovely small garden that is used as a terrace. It tends to get crowded, so it’s always a good idea to call and make a reservation.

Fabrica de Bere Bună

Address: Calea Victoriei 91, 93, București 010091

Fabrica de Bere Buna is a bar for craft beer, located on Calea Victoriei, one of the most beautiful streets in Bucharest. This Romanian Craft Beer Bar will make you wonder why you waited for so long before you decided to visit Romania for the first time.

Coffee shops in Bucharest


Address: Strada Lipscani 9, București 050971

Some say Origo has the best coffee in Bucharest. In the evening, Origo turns into a bar. The location is small, and there are only a few tables. They only have some coffee snacks, but is one of the top places to include on the list of places to eat and drink in Bucharest, because they do know about their drinks.

T-Zero Coffee Shop

Address: Strada Dianei 1, București 030167

T-Zero Coffee Shop

Artichoke Social House

Address: Calea Victoriei 45, București 010062

Artichoke Social House

Emozia Coffee Manifesto

Address: Strada Halelor 17, București 030167

Emozia Coffee Manifesto

The Urbanist

Address: Strada Căldărari 3, București 030167

The Urbanist is right in the old centre, and has a cool, hipster vibe. They turn the location into a small club in the evenings.

Tucano Coffee Guatemala

Address: Calea Dorobanți 18, București 010572

Tucano Coffee has a very nice location, and offers food and great desserts, right in the centre of Bucharest. Cheesecake, anyone? Don’t worry, veggie options are available.

STEAM Coffee Shop

Address: Strada Uruguay 22, București

STEAM Coffee Shop is a small place, with great coffee, pet friendly and it is in a very nice location in the centre of the city.

Sonder Coffee & Bites

Address: Strada Vasile Alecsandri 3, București 010638

Sonder Coffee & Bites is a minimalist cafe, where you will enjoy coffee, juices, tea and snacks. Both locals and foreigners are enchanted by this stylish location.

Fellow One

Address: Calea Victoriei 143, București

Fellow One is a cosy cafe, with a few chairs outside, that serves great coffee and pastry close to Piata Victoriei.

Summer Gardens and Terraces

Hanu’ lu Manuc

Address: Strada Franceză 62-64, București 030106

Located in the old town, Hanu’ lu Manuc is indeed an old inn, reconditioned recently, with a large terrace within its walls, where most foreigners stop for some traditional Romanian dishes and traditional music.

Bistro “Acuarela”

Address: Strada Polonă, București 030167

Acuarela literally means watercolour and it is an alternative place, with friendly staff, old items used for the decor of the house and the garden. They serve food and drinks in old tin tableware, which reminds me of my childhood (in kindergarten we used to have such tableware). They also have great potatoes and craft beer.

Gradina Dorobanti

Address: Calea Dorobanți 44-46, București 010574

The Embassy

Address: Piața Alexandru Lahovari 8, București 030167

On a more chic note, The Embassy is a fancy location in an old house in the centre of Bucharest, where they serve some food and drinks. They also have a nice outdoor area. The Embassy is the kind of place that you can either wear heels or casual summer sandals and feel great. It is popular ever since I was in high school when my colleagues were having drinks and pizza here.

Grădina Eden

Address: Calea Victoriei 107, București

Imagine a huge interbelic villa in the middle of Bucharest, and a backyard of seemingly wild trees and vegetation with wooden tables and you get Eden Garden. It’s a popular place for beer and summer lemonades, bike and pets friendly.

Fabrica Club

Address: Strada 11 Iunie nr. 50, București 040172

If you’re more a rock fan, with a liking of repurposed red brick industrial buildings, then Fabrica Club has a terrace you will enjoy. They ocasionally have rock concerts of local rock bands (but also smaller international bands) and they welcome bikers and pets on their terrace.

Deschis Gastrobar

Address: Splaiul Unirii 160, București

Another old industrial hall that was repurposed is the terrace of Deschis Gastrobar which is literally on the rooftop of such a building. The rooftop is on the 2nd floor, but it has nice views over Dambovita river and has great light at sunset. They also host smaller events and concerts. They serve some food, but most people come here for a drink.

Linea / Closer to the Moon

Address: Strada Lipscani 17, București 030167

On of the famous rooftops and terraces from Bucharest is located in the old town, and has great views over the entire area.

Linea is also a restaurant, as you will see before you reach the terrace, and they serve great drinks in a very nice setting. The place is popular for pictures, so there will be always people taking pictures, especially at sunset.

Of course, there are a lot of places that didn’t make it on this list (not because they are bad, but because I haven’t tested them all. Let me know what restaurant and cafes should I add to the list of places to eat and drink in Bucharest, Romania.

Where to eat and drink in Bucharest, Romania?
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