Travel Alone or in a Group? [Pros and Cons]

“Do you prefer to travel alone or in a group?” Don’t let anyone tell you what to do. Live the life you love. Alone travel vs group travel!

Do you prefer to travel alone or in a group? How do people prefer to travel? Do they like travelling alone or do most like travelling in a group? Here’s what travellers say.

I am always curious about the people I meet and I like to talk about travelling. This is the first question from the 6 question interview I’ve asked some friends I’ve met in my travels or from home.

I believe it points out how we all are unique and how that is perfectly ok. Don’t let anyone tell you what you should do. Embrace your uniqueness and live the life you love.

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solo travel vs group travel Do you prefer to travel alone or in a group?

Do you prefer to travel alone or in a group?

Before showing you what other travellers answered, I will start by stating my opinion on the solo travel vs group travel topic.

My first question was “Do you prefer to travel alone or in a group? Why?” and I will also answer briefly.

I used to be terrified of being on my own and that’s why I was used to always have people around me. And later on, I realised that my fear of being alone was holding me back. It took a lot of courage to start travelling solo.

I discovered that I love travelling alone. Solo travelling brought me a lot of benefits. And I’m so grateful for each solo trip I did.

I’m not saying that travelling alone should be the only kind of travel you do, but that it’s a necessary part for anyone who wants to start the journey of personal development.

travel alone or in a group

There’s only two ways you can travel: travelling alone or travelling with a group. If you’re a single traveller, then you need to read what other travellers are saying. And let’s get this straight. Yes, you can travel alone as a woman.

Do you prefer to travel alone or in a group? Why?

Disclaimer: Please take note that these answers real, from real people, and they express their personal choice of travelling. The answers regarding travelling alone or in a group do not consider any sort of world crisis.

Matei is a 26-year old and he is living in Bucharest, Romania.

Does he prefer to travel alone or in a group? This is what he said:

I always prefer travelling in a group. I think that’s because I’m an extrovert. Sometimes I get bored travelling alone, even though I enjoy single moments as well.

Piotr is a 34-year old from Poland, living in California.

I used to travel alone (both vacation and business). Now, on holidays, I travel with my girlfriend. When you travel alone, local people are more welcoming and helpful to you. When they see a group, they don’t mind. Group can always somehow take care of themselves. However, when they see a single person travelling, it seems unusual to them. This person is away from home, doesn’t know the neighbourhood, doesn’t know where to go or how to behave and as all cultures are welcoming, they try to help the individual in the “struggle” of travel. They give advises on what to and where to go (also what not to do and where not to go) and it even may happen, that they will welcome the individual to their home. Of course, the traveller should initiate the conversation. When you stand alone and mind your own business, people don’t want to bother you. It’s a common courtesy. Therefore don’t be afraid to start conversations, ask for directions, recommendations for restaurants, etc. Sit at the bar (not at the table) and start talking with other people at the bar. This will help you meet new people and some of them may later turn into friends.

I have to say that I agree with Piotr on starting the conversation. It will take some courage from your side, but the returns are worth it. I explain it in this post about solo travel benefits.

Pilar is a traveller living in Madrid.

I met her in Berlin, during one of my solo Europe travels. She sees each travel differently.

Quite hard to answer. I kinda like it better when I’m on my own. I do have all the freedom to decide where should I go, what should I see or where should I eat. At the same time, is kinda nice to have someone around to share all that you are experimenting with. I have never believed in coincidence so I think some trips are just meant to be like that. Sometimes you are off to travel by yourself, might be the right time to do so. But other times are meant to travel with friends or family.

Jan is a Dutch traveller.

I met Jan in Bucharest, but he is living in Austria. He prefers to keep his travel plans flexible.

I prefer to travel alone. You are more flexible. If you like it, you stay a bit longer. If not, you continue your route. It will require some Investigation upfront or during your travel, as within a group, people will have more information about the area where you are. Together you have more ideas for a possible plan. On the other hand, you need to make compromises as you all have different priorities. Travelling alone you should take the time to talk to locals to find out about the “hidden gems” and to learn to know new people. You will see a lot of people are willing to help. On the other hand, you need to make compromises as you all have different priorities. Travelling alone you should take the time to talk to locals to find out about the “hidden gems” and to learn to know new people. You will see a lot of people are willing to help.

Lettice is a British blogger.

Lettice is also a vlogger and works as a volunteer in China. I met her during my volunteering experience in Austria.

I prefer travelling alone because I can do what I want when I want. When I’m travelling I have limited time and money so I only want to do the activities that interest me. Also, I like to take my time when I’m visiting an attraction. My slow pace, for example spending 4 hours at one museum, might bore other people. I also like the flexibility that comes with travelling alone. Recently I was travelling in South China and I’d made a schedule outlining the activities I wanted to do each day. One day I woke up and didn’t feel like doing the activity I had planned so I reorganised my schedule. Because I was travelling alone it meant I could change my schedule as much as I liked without upsetting anyone. Also, travelling alone comes with a huge sense of personal achievement. Every time I negotiate the price of a tour, find a hostel in an obscure location, or order food in another language I feel awesome because I did it all by myself. #GirlPower

I can totally relate to that freedom feeling you get when you’re travelling alone. I wrote countless travel blogs about solo travel benefits, solo travel to Europe and how to plan your trip when you’re travelling alone for the first time.

Bogdan is a Romanian blogger.

Bogdan is living in Bucharest and he is more into adventure travel. This is his perspective on solo travelling vs group travel.

Most of the time, I travel in a group. But on my last trip, I felt the need to do it solo. Because I simply wanted to see how is it to be only with my thoughts, test my limits, discover new territories and be the only one out there. It was amazing. But due to safety reasons, I prefer travelling in small groups. Why? Because I love to have fun too. And I do meet new people even if I’m in a group. I kinda do all the crazy things, from following a snake to record it on camera in a jungle to go on the longest zip line in the world or a helicopter ride. These kind of activities are more enjoyable when you have at least a friend with you. Also, you can save money by travelling in a group. I love renting cars and stuff when I go abroad and experience things and places that might not be very popular with regular tourists, so I have to reach them somehow. Also, you can save money by travelling in a group. I love renting cars and stuff when I go abroad and experience things and places that might not be very popular with regular tourists, so I have to reach them somehow.

Bogdan has a more practical approach when it comes to travelling and he advocates that group travelling helps him save money and travel more cheaply. I understand that and I have to agree with him. Budget is always a concern and I believe that choosing cheaper destinations is always a good idea. Here’s a list of the cheapest countries in Europe you have to consider when you start planning your Euro trip.

As you can see, we are all different and we all have different perspectives and priorities when it comes to travelling. That’s why there’s no one-plan-fits-all kind of travel guide because each person has different needs and expectations when it comes to travelling. We don’t all dress the same so why would travelling be any different?!

Travel alone benefits

I’ve gone travelling solo many times, even after I met m boyfriend. Why? Because that’s what pulls me out of my comfort zone the most and is the most powerful catalyzer towards personal growth. That’s the core reason for transforming my blog into a travel blog while using the travel experiences for self-discovery.

That’s why I want to shortly state some of the benefits of solo travel.

Benefits of solo travel

  • You have time to know yourself
  • It pushes you to step outside your comfort zone
  • You feel less stressed
  • You get to decide what to do
  • You don’t have to compromise any plans
  • You get to meet lots of new and interesting people
  • You get to improve your language skills
  • You get a confidence boost
  • Helps if you have a problem with decision-making
  • You can spend your budget however you want

That’s why I strongly advise you to take into account the advantages of travelling alone next time you’re planning a trip. It just might be the much-needed step out of your comfort zone that will change your perspective over life.

Benefits of group travel

  • You always have someone to share your experiences with
  • You can split expenses for accommodation and more
  • You meet like-minded people
  • Someone else does the planning (or at least does some research)
  • It’s easy to join for anyone
  • Groups have a planned itinerary and usually get you to the best spots
  • Organized group travel tends to be safer because the guides know very well the places
  • It gets you to places you wouldn’t have gone on your own (unless you also practice solo travelling)
  • Group travel allows you to see more of a country (and faster)

These are some of the advantages of solo travel and group travel off the top of my head.

While travelling in a group might seem safer and more convenient, there’s a lot that you’ll be thankful for after you start travelling alone? Is travelling alone worth it? Yes, it is! I have a blog post that explains in more detail all the great benefits of solo travel.

If you’re a traveller in the process of planning a trip to Europe, check out this Solo Europe Travel Guide, for the best travelling alone tips. It’s packed with practical tips and suggestions from my best solo trips.

Whatever kind of traveller you are, just make sure you have the best time and you fully embrace the experience. Safe travels!

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