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How to book your travels with the minimal risk possible in 2020

Travel Precautions: How To Travel With Minimal Risk In 2023

We all can agree that 2020 has been a crazy ride, and the crisis doesn’t seem to end anytime soon. I’m no expert in politics or climate change, so I will just talk about the topic I know best – travelling! And how you can travel in 2023 while taking the least amount of risk. Since the coronavirus outbreak, many travel plans have been shattered...

Coronavirus crisis: What's the future going to look like?

Coronavirus crisis: What’s the future going to look like?

Today, I find it hard to say anything. And consequently, to write it. After more than 1 month of severe restrictions over the right of freedom of movement, I have no more expectations. I can truly say that I live in the presents because I can’t think of any variant of the future. What’s the future going to look like? If I were to imagine the future (as I...