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How to book your travels with the minimal risk possible in 2020

How to travel with minimal risk in 2021 (travel precautions you need to take during a pandemic)

We all can agree that 2020 has been a crazy ride, and the crisis doesn’t seem to end anytime soon. I’m no expert in politics or climate change, so I will just talk about the topic I know best – travelling, and how can you still travel in 2021 while taking the least amount of …

coronavirus crisis pandemic memes to make life in quarantine more bearable

Coronavirus Crisis: Coronavirus memes to make quarantine easier to bear

Unexpectedly, the coronavirus pandemic has made a complete mess of 2020, screwed travel plans, canceled football and schools, left millions without a job and the world is entering a new economic crisis. In spite of all that, we can choose to keep our optimism, and laugh a little. Let’s share some coronavirus memes to make …