11 Amazing European Cities That Should Be On Your Bucket List

There so many amazing European cities and places in Europe, that makes it so hard to choose where to spend your next holiday. I believe Europe is like a treasure chest and each city has many hidden gems. But I choose this 10 amazing European cities for you and hopefully, they will end up on your travel list.


1. Vienna

The capital city of Austria, and the most livable city in the world, regarding the existing social-economical factors. Considering its geographic location, it is the “capital” of  Central Europe, connecting the West with the Eastern part.

Austria is not just about high mountains, nice landscapes and the place to spend your next ski holiday. It’s very popular for that, but it would be a shame not to discover Vienna and walk on the streets of this great city. Read more about the feeling of travelling to Austria.

Having no more than 2 million inhabitants, the city is not overcrowded and offers a lot of nice sights for tourists to discover: many museums, palaces and squares, amazing architecture, contemporary sights of art and places to hang out and everything required in modern life. That’s why a lot of students from all over the world love it.

The Donau river adds great value to the city, and you can even take a boat trip from Vienna to Bratislava. These 2 are the closest European capital, at a distance of 60km from each other.

I also love it because I lived in Austria.

2. Berlin

Whenever I think about a multicultural city, Berlin is the first one to pop up. Like many other European Cities, Berlin’s history bears a long story, which may make you shed a tear or two. But unlike most cities, this one convinced most people from all over the world to move there.

The former communist city has become the home of so many different cultures, that it feels like a holiday every day. People are happy, enjoying the life, which the less fortuned couldn’t, and using the memorial monuments to never forget how lucky we all are to be alive.

Discover Berlin using 3 self-guided walking tours:

1. How the West Won

2. Central Berlin

3. Berlin’s Art

Berlin is that place where you can feel free, make new friends wherever you are and it teaches you to enjoy life and make the most out of it. But feelings like this cannot be express in words (see how traveller try to characterize Berlin in one word), you have to go and feel it yourself. Read some more about Berlin.


3. Prague

The Amsterdam of eastern Europe, Prague deserves at least a visit, when travelling in Europe. If you are a big beer fan, then the visit is compulsory. There is a joke saying that in Prague water is more expensive than beer in restaurants. I am here to grant you that is not a joke!

Although Prague has many tourists strolling on its streets, if you get up really early, maybe you can get inside the Castle.

But besides the constant roaming of the tourists, the city centre is amazing and I promise you will be fascinated by the towers of the city and the fingerprints of the architectural development, starting with the Romanesque buildings. The medieval core of the city has remained intact and is a delight for any observer.

Strolling along the narrow streets, you will discover cute and hidden shops and boutiques, a lot of bars and restaurants, and many squares with street artists.


4. Ljubljana

This small and stylish city is the capital city of Slovenia. I would have never trusted anyone who would have said that this is a place well worth a visit until I was there myself. The centre is stunning and makes every visitor falls in love with the architecture of this old Roman city. Ljubljanica River divides the centre into 2 parts, but the bridges people have built over it are like from a fairytale story.

In the centre there is the old Castle, guarding the city, where I was surprised by the amazing view over the city.

The streets are home to streets artists and contemporary art pieces, and many cosy restaurants. Read more about Ljubljana.

11 Amazing European Cities That Should Be On Your Bucket List

5. Bucharest

I bet most of you don’t have the capital city of Romania on your travel list. And that is a shame. I haven’t seen the entire world, but from what I’ve seen, Bucharest has the most enjoyable nightlife. Are you on a budget, travel addict, looking for a good party? Bucharest is the place to be in.

The buildings still tell that story of the communist era, and sometimes the culture revolves around it. Let’s not forget it used to be called “Little Paris of the East”. Because of that, I believe the new generation is more open and friendly than in any other city. Bucharest even has a delta inside the city!

Bucharest has history, architecture, great nightlife and more important, amazing people with amazing stories.

Here are some amazing places to visit in Bucharest. Trust me, I’m a local.


6. Rome

Although it’s so hard to choose, Rome is one of the best cities I’ve been in. And I believe everyone should visit it at least once. The funny thing is that I’m not even a big fan of history. But Rome knows all about history, and it will make you interested in every piece of it, every square and every stone’s story.

And it has the Vatican city, which is a must, no matter your religious view. It’s like 2 great places for the price of 1. Possibly the greatest city in the world, but I haven’t seen them all.

When in Rome, you will want to take a picture of everything. Also here is what to do in Rome in 72 hours.


7. Barcelona

The city of the famous architect Gaudi is a combination of a history rich city and a seaside city. You have it all in Barcelona. Are you an art enthusiast and cannot decide between a city holiday or the seaside? In Barcelona, you have it both.

Nightlife, restaurants, shopping, long beaches with sand, biking, street food, art and many narrow streets to stroll? Yes, please.

Although is a great city and full of tourists, please take care of your handbag and wallet. You never know. I lost my bag there for a couple of minutes but was lucky enough to get it back.


8. Copenhagen

If you love biking, you will definitely love the city with the most bike routes in the world. Everything is so organised and even if you are a tourist, you will enjoy discovering this tidy city by bike.

I would describe it as a minimalist city, where everyone has something to learn about how to treat the environment and yourself. And the Danish people have the best English from all the non-native speakers.

Christiania is one of the oldest hippie communities in the world, and it’s right in the middle of the city. Above the gate, you can read “You are now leaving the EU (European Union) territory”. As long as you’re chill and not taking photos, you are welcome.

And I also recommend the crazy adventure park, Tivoli. People screaming at the top of their lungs, in the middle of the city, is a sound which will probably draw your attention. It’s worth spending half a day there.


9. Amsterdam

What’s so special about Amsterdam? The Dutch architecture, the way this city was built and its canals network, the way contemporary structures are integrated, and the well-known peaceful feeling. Yeah, pretty much everything.

As in Copenhagen, everyone owns at least a bike, there are bike shops everywhere, and if you are “lucky” enough, you can even witness a bike jam at the light stop.

Discover the many one-of-a-kind coffee shops, make new friends, talk to people, rent a bike, go to the library and sit in a park. Take the cruise on the canal and take lots of pictures.


10. Dublin

Ok, Ireland is an island, but it’s still part of Europe. Comparing to other capitals, you may find Dublin small and quiet. That’s because they don’t allow tall buildings to be built, the tallest is 67m high. But this kind of city gives a different and new feeling.

The landscapes around Dublin are a must see and the reputation is nothing like the real thing. It’s not cheap, but you will find out why is Dublin the city of bars. And beer. And party.

Take care when crossing the street, they drive on the left side and rent a bike to explore. Take an umbrella with you no matter what. Enjoy a 1 day trip to the cliffs. Many day trips are offered by the tour agencies, I recommend going to Northen Ireland, to see the Giant’s Causeway. I LOVEED IT. Although it was raining like it was the end of the world.


11. Venice

Yes, the over touristic city in Italy, Venice. Sometimes I wonder if it will sink faster under the weight of all the tourists seeking this different, full of gondolas place.

The Laguna’s main mean of transport is the boat, and everything is very tight and narrow. But I totally understand why is Venice so full of people from all around the world. Its entire concept of a floating city, it turns it into this magical place, where everything is possible.

Remember this: touristic means expensive. But with a little planning and some research, everything is manageable. And taking pictures is free. Those will be your best memories. Make sure to visit the islands Murano (the island of Murano glass) and Burano (the island of lace).

If you are planning a trip to Europe, make sure to check all my tips on how I planned a 1-month trip to Europe on a budget.

Another great this to do in Europe (that you probably had no idea of) is to chase some natural wonders, such as waterfalls. Check out the Most Breathtaking Waterfalls in Europe.

11 Amazing European Cities That Should Be On Your Bucket List

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