Manifesting reality: Thoughts of 2018

2018 was a fantastic year. The best one I have had, yet! I had all kinds of wonderful opportunities, I met the most amazing people, I got to travel to some countries I had only dreamt of, and I spent my year with my loved one. 2018 was my first full year of manifesting reality. I dreamt about it and then made it a reality. And I had a blast!

I grew wiser and stronger. I got to know myself better than ever before, and hopefully, I will stop being stupid at times or making others feel bad. Cuz I have my flaws, too, and I know them. 

I am proud of 2018 for my hard work and for having memories that will last forever. And I am grateful for every second of it. 

2018 took me to 4 new countries and helped me revisit 4 more. I had more time to visit more of my country, Romania, which will always be special to me, as it is my motherland.

Also, I found the courage to write about my weight loss journey, and I hope it will inspire you to work harder on your dreams.

May 2018

I am grateful for visiting Moldova. I had a blast. I will surely go back one day. I remember why I loved wine at Cricova, although I didn’t drink that much; however, when I did, I liked a glass of wine accompanied by a story and a good flavour.

How to spend 48 hours in Chisinau, Moldova

One of my most cherished memories of this year is when I discovered Ukraine, a beautiful country that is tremendously underappreciated as a tourist destination. I will try my best to go back there in 2019. That’s how much I loved Odessa and Kiev! Although it’s one of the countries with the most hash memories in the history of mankind, Chernobyl serves as a lesson and we shouldn’t be afraid to visit Ukraine, because of it. But be eager to visit despite what happened. I want to discover more about this amazing country!

spend 2 days in Odessa, Ukraine

July 2018

I was truly surprised by 2018 and motivated to work even harder on my blog as I travelled to Germany to visit Berlin and Munich. I met some fantastic people, and I wouldn’t change this for the world. The craziest week ever happened in Berlin, and I would do it again, anytime! Berlin was love at first sight 2 years ago when I first visited, and now I love it even more.

I wrote 3 walking tours for Berlin, about the Berlin Wall, central Berlin and the culture in Berlin. I cannot wait to go back and see even more of Berlin because I don’t think this is a city like any other!

How to miss your Train in Berlin

August 2018

Then I was lucky enough to be part of a Romanian campaign to make Romanian heritage viral on social media! I wrote this awesome 3-day heritage trip itinerary for any traveller to discover more of Romania!

Oh, and I almost forgot about the glorious visit to Brasov! I could never get bored of it!

corvin castle hunedoara heritage trip romania

September 2018

This year was about discovering more of the neighbouring countries of Romania. Bulgaria is a beautiful country and has so much to offer. I visited Varna for the first time and cape Kaliakra and I was truly impressed!

visit kaliakra

September came with some beautiful weather and a trip to Athens. Unfortunately, there was a cyclone and I had to endure massive rains during that week, but, on the uoseide, I have survived a cyclone! On a cultural note, I can tell you a few things about Athens, because when it rains what else is there to do than to visit all the museums in town?

November 2018

I almost forgot about the beautiful desert of Jordan! One highlight of my 2018! It was truly magical; every single day of the 7-day road trip to Jordan was like a dream! Jordan is the country with the most natural miracles I’ve visited so far, and I can’t stop talking about it! I mean Petra, spending the night in Wadi Rum, and floating in the Dead Sea?!

All crazy destinations, and I would go back in a heartbeat! No joke! Jordan is out of this world, and I cannot recommend it enough!

7-day road trip guide to Jordan

December 2018 – Manifesting Reality

And to top all of that, a beautiful year for which I was so thankful, I WON a trip to Bali! From the Minister of Tourism of Indonesia! Puff! It has magic written all over it! (For those who don’t believe in themselves, please don’t stop reading).

It’s hard to put in words, but to spell it plain and simple, winning this trip was my manifestation of reality. Once more, I have proof that I can attract the things I focus on, and there is no one to stop me. I can’t know when or how it will happen, but having the mindset that what I want can and will happen makes all the difference.

This wasn’t the first time I attracted something that I wanted so badly into my life, and I know I sound like a mad woman. But it’s true! And it works.

My thoughts of 2018: Manifesting reality. Bali Indonesia
I dreamt of this, worked for it and then somehow the universe made me this gift of travelling to Bali.

Most people give up on what they want because they put limitations on themselves. They simply tell themselves “I can’t!” And that sticks with them forever.

By now, it has become clear to me that I define my reality. I can change what I don’t like, and I can focus on what I want and eventually get it. I don’t want to give up and later say I couldn’t achieve what I wanted because it wouldn’t be true. Being true to myself, being focused, and working on my dream without the option of giving up is the only way to get it.

My thoughts of 2018: Manifesting reality. Bali Indonesia

This is the topic I cannot get over it, because how important it is for us! None of the other things matter, if I can’t get this thing through to you!

And I love travelling and I love having a travel blog because of this huge discovery which I made by travelling. I believe in the enormous power of travelling, a tool we can all use to grow on a personal and spiritual level, to transform our lives and ultimately to learn how to achieve our greatest dreams.

My thoughts of 2018: Manifesting reality. Bali Indonesia

To put it simply, I believe in my power to manifest reality by focusing on what I want and not losing sight of it until I achieve it. I don’t put time limits! I don’t think in the future.

I am always present, thinking about “now”, trying my best “now” and not expecting results. But when results enchant me, it gives me even more energy to further put into my passion.

My thoughts of 2018: Manifesting reality. Bali Indonesia

Never stop dreaming and working hard! Good things come to those who work for it! Don’t lose your focus and don’t let others tell you can’t!

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